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trucking technology

How to Choose the Right Fleet Management Software

Whether you’re a transport director overseeing a huge truck fleet or a fleet manager in charge of a few vans and cars, ensuring a top-notch performance from drivers and vehicles can get overwhelming.

A study from Ernst & Young revealed that maintenance costs are responsible for 30-50% of a fleet’s total cost of ownership. With this much money at stake, you don’t have room for miscalculations or overspending.

That’s where fleet management software comes in. By having the right fleet management solution that includes tools like vehicle maintenance management and GPS route planning, you can reduce running costs and amplify fleet performance.

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BigRoad Celebrates at the 25th Annual NASTC Conference

The National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) just celebrated the 25th anniversary of its annual conference last week in Nashville, Tennessee and BigRoad was extremely excited to be a part of the event this year – having been a strong supporter of the association since we became a company back in 2012.

If you are a small trucking company and haven’t heard of NASTC, you should check them out. Led by President David Owen, the NASTC team has been acting as an advocate for small trucking companies since 1989.

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In-Cab Technology – Webinar Recap

CBDuring our most recent webinar, we looked at the rise in readily available trucking technologies and the impact that smartphones and tablets are having on the industry.

This webinar was presented by BigRoad’s co-founder Terry Frey, who highlighted some of the apps that are bringing a new level of affordability to smaller carriers. Ones, that in the past, could not justify spending on costly proprietary technologies.

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ELD Best Practices for Successful Fleet Management

Whether you love them or loathe them, electronic logging devices (ELDs) are here to stay. In fact, as of June 12, 2021, all fleets in Canada and the U.S. should now have officially switched from AOBRDs to ELDs

ELDs automatically record your drivers’ Hours of Service (HOS) and store reports and driver certifications—which should help fleets stay compliant and save time on paperwork.

To help you navigate the pitfalls, stay compliant, and get the most out of this trucking technology, we’ve created a guide to the best ELD practices for successful fleet management. 

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5 Benefits of Staying on Top of Fleet Technology

There’s no denying that technology is changing business environments at a startling pace. If businesses are to remain competitive in the next decade, they must make investments in the digital transformation journey for the long-term. Fleet management, a sector that was once dominated by infrastructure and fleets, will witness radical changes in the upcoming years.

While disruptive technologies will change existing processes and systems, these changes bring a lot of benefits for all stakeholders in the company. Below we’ll go through 5 advantages that every fleet organization can gain by staying on top of fleet technology and trends.Read More »5 Benefits of Staying on Top of Fleet Technology