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Canadian ELD Mandate

Here is all you need to know about the Canadian Electronic Logging Device mandate now in effect as of June 12, 2021

Update:  BigRoad ELD from Fleet Complete Earns Third-Party Certification in Canada

(Dec 13, 2021, Toronto) – Fleet Complete®, a global provider of telematics technologies and solutions for fleet, asset, and mobile workforce-based businesses, announced today that its solution for recording drivers’ hours of service, the BigRoad electronic logging device (ELD), is now officially third-party certified in Canada.

The solution was certified by FPInnovations, a third-party certification body with the ISO/IEC 17065 standard required by Transport Canada to test and certify ELD.ELD Certification Mark - green - EN - large

This third-party certification confirms that the BigRoad ELD solution meets all requirements outlined by the Canadian ELD Technical Standard to comply with the federal ELD mandate.

Full Press Release Here – Monday, December 13, 2021

June 12, 2021, was the ELD proclamation in Canada.

Are you ready?

If you’re a Canadian business that requires ELD as of 2021, you’re probably concerned about the following:

  • A new regulation is coming to Canada – how will it affect my business?
  • What is it that I need to know about ELDs in Canada versus the US?
  • There is an overwhelming number of ELD providers on the market – I don’t know whom to trust.

Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

Having our own industry expert at the table with Transport Canada – and 10 years behind our belts designing and developing ELDs that truck drivers love – we got your back.

And if you’re still not clear about something – you can always ask our expert to clarify whatever you need! It’s completely free.

BigRoad is

Proudly Canadian

BigRoad, a Fleet Complete Company was born and raised in Canada's 'Tech Hub': Waterloo, Ontario

Compliance Committed

We're committed to staying current on all certifications so you can rest assured your drivers are compliant.

Full Stack ELD

BigRoad's ELD is plug 'n' play and features HOS alerts, DVIR, DOT Inspection Mode, fuel tracking for IFTA and more!

Your Load Board Partner

Every ELD solution includes a free digital load matching platform so that you never haul an empty truck!

At a glance

90,000 active clients

4.3 million app downloads
20 years in trucking

BigRoad – Your ELD Compliance Partner

Whether you’re a small or large fleet, BigRoad has everything you need to be compliant with HOS rules and the ELD mandate. Nearly 100,000 drivers and fleets have chosen BigRoad as their ELD compliance partner – see how our solution can help you!

BigRoad will help you track your Hours of Service (HOS), alert to upcoming violations, speed up your DVIRs, record and manage your fuel and, best of all – help you fly through roadside checks!

Instructional and Compliance-Related Documentation

If your business has implemented the Fleet Complete BigRoad ELD solution  to track your hours of service (HoS) data, you will find these documents helpful.

Designed and developed with drivers in mind

 BigRoad has been tried and tested by thousands of drivers across the US and Canada.
Designed in Canada: It has been designed and developed here in Canada, with an expertise from industry veterans who have been truck drivers themselves.
Award-Winning: Our award-winning solution has been recognized for unparalleled growth, value to customers, and competitive positioning by Frost & Sullivan.
“I’ve been using BigRoad ELD on my smartphone for some time and it is a great app, easy to use and meets all requirements. Thanks for developing a great app!”
Ron – Driver
Ottawa ON

DashLink ELD: Connected Compliance

BigRoad’s DashLink ELD is the easiest and most affordable way to create engine-connected logs.

  • Create accurate and reliable driver logs automatically
  • Interchangeable between vehicles and drivers
  • Zero upfront hardware costs

Easy Plug ‘N’ Play Installation

BigRoad’s ELD solution offers simple plug ‘n’ play self installation. Just plug our solution into your OBD or ECM port.

Mobile App: Prevent Errors, Reduce Violations

The #1 electronic logbook app for drivers on Android and iOS. Clean and inspection-ready logs with the BigRoad Mobile App.

  • Eliminate violations
  • Real-time visibility into available drive time
  • US and Canadian rule sets supported

Web App: Minimize Risk, Maximize Efficiency

Build a better fleet with BigRoad’s real-time fleet management solution.

Reduce time spent on administrative tasks, instantly identify potential violations and proactively manage your drivers to improve your operations.

  • Manage risk and prepare for inspections
  • Improve and protect your safety score
  • Reduce audit risk and time

The Load You Want When You Want It.

In-App Load Matching: Book More Loads, Make More Money

Included with BigRoad ELD is BigRoad Freight, a load board built to help you find additional hauls wherever you are.  No brokerage fees, no hassle.  Post or search for a load and BigRoad Freight does the rest.  The best part is, it’s integrated within the BigRoad Mobile App!

Loads are suggested to you based on your GPS coordinates and typical routes. Gain hours-of-service (HOS) awareness and visibility.

  • Book loads 24/7 from within the BigRoad Mobile App.
  • Loads are suggested to you based on your GPS coordinates and typical routes.
  • Gain hours-of-service (HOS) awareness and visibility.
  • Keep more money in your pockets.
  • Improve your compliance with HOS visibility.
“We love the simple interface and how fast everything is! BigRoad Freight helps us make sure our customers get their deliveries on time and helps to keep our bottom line looking healthy.”
Clara W.  – Kitchen Wholesaler

For full compliance with the Canadian ELD mandate, our BigRoad ELD solution contains updated features available starting Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021. Covering all new requirements, the new features include:

Team Driving

Available for both US and Canadian fleets, this new feature allows 2 drivers to be connected to the same truck and operate as team drivers. Additional features include switching trucks, switching roles, and re-assigning drive time between team members while being compliant on the road to avoid violations/citations and increase fleet productivity.

CDN Sleeper Berth

BigRoad now supports Canadian ELD split sleeper berth rules for single and team drivers for Canada North of 60 (60°N) and South of 60 (60°S) cycles. Drivers can benefit from splitting off-duty time using the sleeper berth rule on all Canadian federal cycles.

CDN OFF-Duty Deferral

BigRoad now supports Canadian ELD off-duty deferral requirements. This new feature allows drivers to defer up to 2 hours of off-duty time to the next day, so those 2 hours can be utilized for driving on the current day. This adds to driver and fleet productivity while keeping driver logs compliant as per the Canadian ELD regulations.

CDN Cycle and Jurisdiction Enhancements

BigRoad will support all Canadian Federal Cycle and Jurisdiction changes. For fleets operating in Canada or across the border, the BigRoad app allows you to switch between US and Canadian cycles while calculating drive/on-duty and off-duty time accurately to keep you compliant on the road.

CDN Personal Use and Yard Move

We are now fully compliant with Canadian Personal Use and Yard Move regulations. This includes supporting the daily personal use limit of 75 kms and a Yard Move vehicle speed limit of 32 km/h.

Roadside Inspection and Output Files

BigRoad complies with the Canadian ELD output file and roadside inspection requirements. Drivers will have complete support when stopped at a roadside inspection or asked to transfer RODS to Transport Canada safety officials.

Features included

  • Award-winning, feature-rich ELD
  • Hours of Service countdown
  • In-app DVIR
  • Fuel management (for IFTA)
  • BigRoad Freight load-matching included
  • Know how much drive time each driver has available at a glance
  • Simplify the collection of fuel tax details (IFTA reporting)
  • Provide real-time advice to drivers using current traffic condition
  • Reduce time spent on administrative tasks
  • Instantly identify potential violations
  • Real-time driver, location, and traffic info
  • Stop worrying about roadside inspections
  • Create accurate reports in a few clicks
  • Automatically capture mileage per state or province
  • Organize reports by driver, fleet, and timeframe

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to ELD mandate

1. When did Fleet Completes BigRoad ELD Solution get certified and by who? (ADD)

BigRoad ELD solution was certified by FPInnovations, a third-party certification body with the ISO/IEC 17065 standard required by Transport Canada as of December 10, 2021.

2. How does Transport Canada’s educational enforcement period impact the deadline?

What the 12-month ELD educational enforcement period in Canada means that is if you are operating a commercial vehicle, that is not otherwise exempt from ELD between June 12, 2021, to June 12, 2022, you and/your driver will not be cited for an ELD violation by a safety official during this time. All other hours of services requirements in Canada will continue to remain in force.

3. Who benefits from the certification?

These guidelines are being introduced at an opportune time. According to Canada Safety Council, 21% of fatal vehicle collisions are attributed to driver fatigue. These regulations will help to increase road safety while helping to improve operational efficiency. The safety of drivers and customers has always been Fleet Complete’s number one priority, and it will remain that way.

4. Do you support both English and French?

Yes, we have Canadian-based facilities and employees to support our clients in English and French. This includes requirements associated with staff and driver training, documentation, and addressing future Canadian regulatory changes.

5. What are the technical requirements to have an ELD device certified in Canada?

Here is a list of some of the key requirements:
  • ELD synchronizes with the vehicle’s engine and includes GPS tracking.
  • ELD captures driving time automatically, including unidentified driving.
  • ELD lets drivers use special driving statuses, Yard Move (YM) and Personal Use.
  • ELD has a mechanism to verify logs and agree to edits.
  • ELD has an on-screen display to show inspectors at roadside.
  • Both jurisdictions can generate an output file for inspectors but will be displayed in different formats.
  • Pre-2000 vehicles are exempt from the mandates.

6. Which hardware will be supported?

Fleet Complete is committed to provide a variety of solutions to meet our diverse customer base and any sized fleet requirements. Our teams are working to prepare different hardware solutions for certification. You can be confident regarding the safety, functionality, and reporting accuracy of our devices.

7. Are there ELD Mandate Exemptions for Canada?

There are four main exemptions from ELDs listed in Canada Gazette Part 2. Commercial motor vehicles will be exempt if:
  • They are operating under a permit from a provincial or territorial HOS director;
  • Have a statutory exemption;
  • They are subject to a rental agreement with terms being under 30 days;
  • They are operating a vehicle manufactured before 2000.
Other existing exemptions in Canada’s SOR/2005-313 HOS that were not included in Gazette 2 are:
  • Truck, tractor, trailer or any combination of them that has a registered gross vehicle weight less than 4,500 kg;
  • Bus designed & constructed seating capacity of less than 10 persons, including the driver;
  • 160 Km Radius short haul exemption.

Differences and similarities with the US and Canadian ELD mandate


Potential similarities include, but are not limited to:

  • ELD synchronizes with the vehicle’s engine, and includes GPS tracking.
  • ELD captures driving time automatically, including unidentified driving.
  • ELD lets drivers use special driving statuses, Yard Move (YM) and Personal Use.
  • ELD has a mechanism to verify logs and agree to edits.
  • ELD has an on-screen display to show inspectors at roadside.
  • Both U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions can generate an output file for inspectors, but will be displayed in different formats.
  • Pre-2000 vehicles are exempt from the mandates.


There are some functional requirements that are different. Specifically, the Canadian ELD mandate:

  • Does not include a central system for inspectors to use at roadside like the eRODS system in the US. This means each province will be responsible for developing and deploying their own inspection mechanism.
  • Driver’s will have an option to email driver logs via an output file to an officer’s email to view during an inspection (province specific), in addition to showing the screen at roadside.
  • Does not require capturing the VIN number.
  • There is no self-registration/certification process for ELDs.
  • An exemption is included for rental vehicles used for less than 30 days.
  • Requires the ELD to accurately and concisely track and manage deferred OFF Duty time.
  • Requires the ELD allow a mechanism to enter hours captured elsewhere (for example, driving done for another company).
  • Requires the ELD to include HOS cycle details and allow drivers a mechanism to switch between them.



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