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CCMTA Announced 12 Month ELD Enforcement Approach

May 5, 2021

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) announced the next steps regarding the 12 Month ELD Education Enforcement Approach for Industry that operate commercial vehicles in Canada.

The phased-in gradual approach to the Canadian Federal ELD Regulation which is set to come into force on June 12th of 2021 will begin with education and awareness only, and that no penalties will occur until June 12th of 2022.

This approach was developed by the CCMTA Board. It is equally important to note that the Provinces & Territories that enforce the hours-of-service regulation, including ELD deployment, have agreed in principle to comply with the phased-in approach.

This announcement provides the transportation industry that moves passengers and freight with the time needed to properly complete their due diligence and select from a list of certified ELD devices, once the certification process is complete.

You can read the official announcement from CCMTA here.

As mentioned in an earlier press release, Fleet Complete announced that we are on target towards supporting full compliance with the ‘Commercial Vehicle Drivers Hours of Service Regulations -SOR/2005-313’, set to come into effect in Canada on June 12, 2021.

Since this a Federal Rule for the extra-provincial bus and truck undertakings, Province and Territory will likely still come up with their own jurisdictional ELD enforcement strategies.

These will be shared with all industry stakeholders when the ELD strategy transitions from an educational awareness approach at the outset to more progressive enforcement.

When Provinces & Territories publish their specific ELD strategies, I will post another up-to-date blog on Ask the Expert, outlining the specifics of these jurisdictional ELD programs.

In the interim, I would urge all motor carriers of commercial vehicles to take this opportunity to proactively get ahead of the compliance curve by looking at the value-added products and services that Fleet Complete’s BigRoad currently has available as we proceed with our 3rd Party ELD Certification.

Until our BigRoad ELD device is officially approved, I recommend that you use this opportunity to investigate our ELD solution, and when our ELD devices are approved, you will be ready to move forward ahead of the full ELD compliance on June 12th of 2022.