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Your Latest BigRoad App Updates!

Your experience with the BigRoad app is important to us, whether you’re on the road or undergoing an inspection. With the 24.2 app release, we have added an option to enable an Inspection Screen PIN lockout to disable incoming messages during an inspection.

We have also updated our Password Policy to increase security measures. To access our newest features, ensure you have the most updated version of your BigRoad Mobile App!

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On the Road Again: Top 7 Apps to Use When You’re on the Road

Top 7 Apps To Use When You're On the RoadDid you know that over 95% of truck drivers now own a smartphone? These devices have had a huge impact on the trucking industry. Truck drivers now have devices that help them navigate routes, plan their trips ahead of time and, most importantly, help them stay in touch with their family and friends while they’re on the road. Here are some of the must have apps to make life on the road easier! 

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