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Latest BigRoad Mobile App Updates

As we continue to improve our mobile application for the best possible hours-of-service logging, we’ve added some new features: Alberta hours-of-service (HOS) rule set, Canadian Federal Oilfield exemption, and assigning ‘unidentified driving’. Make sure to update your BigRoad Mobile App to see these add-ons!



Assigning ‘unidentified driving’

As a fleet administrator, you now have the ability to assign ‘unidentified driving’ events to you drivers. Unidentified driving is driving that occurs on a DashLink-equipped truck, when no driver has logged into BigRoad Mobile App. Unidentified driving is recorded through ignition, speed, and odometer data from the engine and is correlated with GPS movement.

How to assign unidentified driving?

Alberta hours-of-service (HOS) rule set

This is a new duty cycle, or rule, called ‘Alberta’, which now has its own prescribed clocks and counters. The Alberta HOS rule set requires:

  • 15 hours on duty
  • 13 hours of driving
  • 10-minute break every 4 hours OR 30-minute break every 6 hours

Deferred rest is a critical component of this rules set. The BigRoad Mobile App will automatically apply the deferred rest when there is a qualifying short rest period and where using the deferred rest rule is required to avoid violations during the shift.

See deferred rest examples here.

Canadian Federal Oilfield exemption

The “waiting time” rule was created for a specific type of driver at an oil gas well site for extended periods, waiting for the opportunity to drive. Before, if drivers were at the worksite, they would be considered “on duty”.

Applied to Canadian Federal HOS cycles, the Canadian Federal Oilfield exemption enables the Waiting duty status in the app.

  • Waiting time can be used for daily off-duty time requirements
  • Waiting time cannot be used for shift resets