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Your Latest BigRoad App Updates!

Your experience with the BigRoad app is important to us, whether you’re on the road or undergoing an inspection. With the 24.2 app release, we have added an option to enable an Inspection Screen PIN lockout to disable incoming messages during an inspection.

We have also updated our Password Policy to increase security measures. To access our newest features, ensure you have the most updated version of your BigRoad Mobile App!

app update


Inspection Screen PIN Lockout

With the BigRoad 24.2 release, you can use a one-time PIN code to lock the Inspection screen. You can use this security feature when you are presenting your logs to the inspector on your personal mobile device. The Inspection Lock allows you to disable the view of all other information when handing over their device to the inspector. It limits the inspector’s view to Inspection screens only. This will help prevent interruptions and ensure a smooth inspection process.

Click here for our How To Guide: Setting Up Inspection Screen Lock

New Password Policy

In the 24.2 release, passwords in the BigRoad app will change in 3 main ways:

  1. When logging in, if the wrong email address or password is entered, the app will no longer specify which of the two is incorrect. This improves security by not revealing whether a given email corresponds to an account in our system.
  2. Six-consecutive failed sign-in attempts will result in your account being locked. This means you will be unable to sign in even with the correct password until one of the following two things happen: a) Wait 3 minutes before trying again b) Reset your password
  3. Password reset emails will no longer contain temporary passwords. Instead, they will contain a link to a page on our web app where you can enter a new password.

As always, if you have any questions about the 24.2 app update, please don’t hesitate to reach us at 1-888-305-8777 x1 or [email protected] so we can help!