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Staying Ahead Of The Curve: Driver Vehicle Inspection Compliance

Driver vehicle inspection personal safety, and that of the motoring public that you share the highway with, is clearly the most important reason to inspect your commercial motor vehicle.

A vehicle defect found during a pre-trip inspection at a motor carrier’s terminal could save you and your fleet down the road.  This includes a breakdown at roadside that will cost time and dollars, or even worse – a crash.

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Canada to Adopt ELDs


Transport Canada announced yesterday that Canada will follow the US mandate and require the use of ELDs for tracking driver hours. This decision was made after years of review and found that it will improve safety, eliminate fraud, and significantly reduce paperwork.

Although minimal details have been released, Transport Canada stated they will align with the FMCSA’s December 2017 timeline. It is unknown if the same criteria will be used for what is considered an ELD or if there will similar exemptions, or any at all.
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Plan For The Long Haul – “Owner Operator 101” with Truckin’ Ed

Entrepreneurs typically possess a spirit of risk and drive which others do not, and believe me it’s needed with the overwhelming challenges we face pursuing our goals. Owning a business and making a profit is the primary goal of most entrepreneurs. When you decide to buy a truck and be your own boss, you must have these same traits in order to succeed because once you purchase equipment, you’re in for the long haul. You have to make sure your plan is solid and your investments are sound.

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5 Benefits of Staying on Top of Fleet Technology

There’s no denying that technology is changing business environments at a startling pace. If businesses are to remain competitive in the next decade, they must make investments in the digital transformation journey for the long-term. Fleet management, a sector that was once dominated by infrastructure and fleets, will witness radical changes in the upcoming years.

While disruptive technologies will change existing processes and systems, these changes bring a lot of benefits for all stakeholders in the company. Below we’ll go through 5 advantages that every fleet organization can gain by staying on top of fleet technology and trends.Read More »5 Benefits of Staying on Top of Fleet Technology

3 Ways to Prevent Fleet Truck Accidents

With an estimated 36 million trucks currently in service in the United States, there is a more urgent need to make sure truck drivers maintain strict safety and accident prevention standards.

Unfortunately, the numbers say this is not the case. According to the 2019 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, which covered data up to 2017, the number of fatalities from accidents involving trucks has been on the rise since 2014. Out of these fatalities, 72% were occupants of other vehicles, 18% were occupants of large tracks, and 10% were pedestrians.Read More »3 Ways to Prevent Fleet Truck Accidents

An Epic Win for BigRoad Users

We’re so excited about the new guidance from the FMCSA. It’s great news worth celebrating. The July 10th guidance by the FMCSA clarifying just how legal electronic logbooks and electronic signatures are (spoiler: they’re extremely legal) has been a long time coming. This is the story of how you made that happen with help from BigRoad staff and some folks in enforcement.

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