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GPS fleet tracking: Maintenance, Logs, Smart phones

A good article about technology in trucking from Homer Hogg, Maintenance Supervisor for TA and Petro,. Homer highlights the benefits of technology, mobile and otherwise, as well as explores the benefits of things like a truck Blackbox (EOBR, AOBRD, ELD…..).  He also discusses the need to get drivers on board and not resisting technology that may help them and improve fleet operations at the same time.  Technologies like BigRoad can be used to automate electronic driver logs and improve CSA scores for the fleet.

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New HOS Rules – are electronic logs the answer?

It now looks like the FMCSA is not going to delay the proposed July 1, 2013 implementation of the new HOS rules after all.  Even though the new rules will cost the industry a lot ($230M according to the ATA) in terms of lost productivity while also decreasing the flexibilty drivers have to choose their sleep/drive/work cycles it will not cause too much trouble to adopt for those fleets using electronic logs today.  

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Trucks waste $27B/year due to congestion – fleet tracking can help

Many fleets are finding that real time tracking with traffic alerts for drivers and dispatchers can help reduce getting caught in traffic. Though traffic congestion in U.S. cities has remained relatively stable in recent years, delays are still costing commuters and truckers hefty sums, according to an annual study – with an estimated $27 billion worth of time and diesel fuel wasted by trucks alone in 2011 due solely to traffic jams.  

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Electronic Driver Logs: Compliance Should Be Easy

If you’re like me and like to have technology at your fingertips, without the sometimes confusing rhetoric, then keep reading. Driver logs (Hours of Service Logs), administered by the Federal Agency FMCSA – (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) are required for every commercial truck driver in the USA that goes beyond 100 air miles of their home base. However, today, approximately 98% of drivers complete their driver logs with paper, which for many is quite daunting to complete, since they take more time. It is especially more difficult and time-consuming for new drivers, requiring complex hours calculations and multiple entry fields that are prone to error.  In fact, industry experts indicate that over 70% of roadside inspection fines are related to ‘form and manner’ errors.  The average roadside fine for a driver can range from $500-$2,000, along with being put Out of Service, and unable to drive. Ouch! 

However, with the proliferation of smart phones available to drivers today, it is becoming much easier to remove the burden of paper logs and replace them with electronic logs. New technology entrants to the market such as BigRoad offer easy to use electronic driver logs that are compliant to the FMCSA regulations. For those who are concerned with cost, no need to worry: they are also FREE for drivers to download from Google Play Store onto any Android device. Even drivers that are skeptical about technology are recognizing that they can easily adopt electronic logs, helping them run safer and more compliant, while removing hassles and headaches of paper logs.  

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The smell of an EOBR by any other name – ATA softening stance?

I think Todd Dills of OverDrive Online is accurate when he says it appears that the ATA’s Bill Graves is softening his stance on EOBR’s – referring instead to ‘Electronic Logs’ as the imperative.  Maybe the EOBR mandate will also be seen as too heavy handed – and too much ‘BigBrother’ by the time it comes to pass?  This potentially has significant implications for the mutlitude of small carriers and independent Owner Operators represented by David Owens’, NASTC (National Association of Small Trucking Companies) that are going ahead on their own with the adoption of electronic logs on their own with providers such as BigRoadBigRoad eLogs partners with NASTC

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Weigh Scale Pre Clear app integrated in BigRoad Android elog app

BigRoad is excited to include a link to enable weighscale bypass or preclear in our free trucker app.  Too much time is spent in ‘chicken coops’ across the nation and this app was selected as the best in breed for getting pre clearance.  Drivewyze PreClear is an innovative new way for commercial vehicles to bypass weigh stations and mobile inspection sites.

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