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BigRoad Saves You Money: Better decisions with fleet tracking in real time

How much time do your dispatchers spend contacting your drivers?

  • Save $10,000/year by improving dispatcher efficiency
  • Improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction

BigRoad provides fleet tracking in real time, without any expensive custom hardware. Install the free BigRoad app on the driver’s Android phone or tablet, and you can track your fleet instantly from the web.

  • Follow your trucks with Google Maps in real time
  • Track duty status and availability, without calling drivers
  • Send and receive instant messages to drivers for free
  • Receive scanned documents from drivers immediately

 Your dispatchers can save an hour or two each day, and answer the important questions your customers have about their loads instantly. Here’s how a typical ten-truck fleet can save over $10,000 a year and free up dispatcher time to focus on your customers:

Dispatcher time saved each day: 1.5
Dispatcher hourly wage: x $25
Operating days a year: x 300
Annual savings: $11,250

“The BigRoad app is fantastic for communications with the truck and driver. The messaging is instantaneous. There is no delay like Qualcomm or PeopleNet. And the mapping with BigRoad is more accurate. You know exactly where the truck is and it’s up to date.”

– Ray Werbicky, BJ Bear General Manager


Track your drivers with our web Fleet Manager

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