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How to Create a Fleet Asset Theft Plan

A stolen vehicle is every fleet manager’s worst nightmare. You don’t just lose the vehicle and its contents. You end up wasting valuable time making insurance claims and dealing with the authorities—not to mention all that downtime and lost revenue due to lost capacity. In some cases, you could even tarnish your reputation.

You can’t predict the future and incidents will occur. The difference between a theft being a minor hiccup and a total catastrophe is how you handle the situation

When stress is sky-high, decisions tend to be rushed. That’s why proactive managers have a fleet asset theft plan in placeso if something does go wrong, they have a framework to help them get things back on track fast. Here’s how to create an asset theft plan that will keep your business moving. 

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How Your GPS Can Act as a Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device

As a fleet manager, you know that commercial vehicles and their freight are valuable—but so do thieves, who are becoming ever-more creative in their attempts to steal them.

In as many as 10% of cargo theft cases worldwide, thieves stole the entire vehicle. Criminals primarily targeted fleets carrying easily resold items like alcohol, food, and consumer products—but no sector has escaped unscathed. In fact, according to a recent report by TTClub, freight that was designated ‘other’ was most likely to be targeted, accounting for 39% of thefts in 2018 globally.Read More »How Your GPS Can Act as a Stolen Vehicle Recovery Device