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Safety Corner

Backgrounder – Canada ELD Mandate

Updated Jan 21, 2021

With the ELD mandate in full effect in the United States, the Government of Canada has unveiled a draft of its own ELD plan north of the 49th parallel. As you will note below, the proposed regulations on electronic logging devices has a number of similarities with the U.S. mandate in terms of the overall purpose and specifications.

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How are ELD Malfunctions Managed Differently in Canada?

Considering the upcoming ‘Made in Canada ELD’ rule on June 12, 2021, I thought it would be timely to write a blog on what a driver and motor carrier must do differently when ELD malfunctions north of the 49th Parallel. This is particularly significant for motor carriers that have drivers traveling North-South, as the malfunction protocols are somewhat different from those in the United States.Read More »How are ELD Malfunctions Managed Differently in Canada?