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Webinar Recap: ELD or AOBRD – Which Compliance Solution is Right For Me?

ELD or AOBRD, Which Compliance Solution is Right For Me?One of the biggest concerns that owner-operators have about the ELD mandate, is how rigid the rules surrounding electronic logging devices (ELDs) are. Did you know that there is another option? Under the ELD mandate, AOBRDs have been ‘grandfathered’ in and can be used for an extra two years! See which option is right for you by watching this webinar recap.

Webinar Recap – Watch The Recording!

During this webinar, we review the differences between AOBRDs and ELDs to help you choose which compliance solution better suits your needs. Click the image below to access a recording of our ELD or AOBRD, Which Compliance Solution is Right For Me? webinar that was held on October 11, 2017: 

Questions & Answers
Q.  I want to start using an AOBRD before I switch to an ELD.  How will it work when I am ready to switch to ELDs?
With our DashLink ELD, you can use it as an AOBRD now and then choose when you want to switch to ELD functionality. You need to switch to ELD functionality before the December 16, 2019 extension deadline. The device is easily upgraded with a simple software download. You can choose to transition anytime between now and the extension deadline. 

Q. I use an electronic logbook app on my phone. Is that enough to be ELD-compliant?
A. It’s true that electronic logbooks (eLogs) make hours-of-service (HOS) tracking and compliance easier, but it’s important to understand that they are not an ELD-mandate compliant solution. 

In section 395.2 of the ELD mandate, the FMCSA states that an ELD “must be integrally synchronized with specific operations of the motor vehicle in which it is installed.” This means that it must be engine-connected, and an electronic logbook alone is not. Engine-connected AOBRDs and ELDs can connect to an app in order to communicate with and complete the automated logs, but the app alone is not enough to achieve compliance after December 18 2017. 

Q: Are you certified with the FMCSA?
A: Yes! We have certified our DashLink ELD and and are listed on the FMCSA’s certification list.

Q: What’s the cost difference between an AOBRD and ELD?
A: At BigRoad, the cost is the same. You can run our DashLink device as an AOBRD and then update it to an ELD with a simple software update. We will not charge you more when you update the DashLink to an ELD. For a single driver, single truck, it’s $19.50/month. However, from now until October 31st, 2017, we’re hosting a promotion for 1-2 truck operations that purchase a DashLink on a one-year term – they get 3 months free! That works out to just $15.60/month for your first 15 months. This includes the DashLink as well as access to the BigRoad Web App and BigRoad Mobile App

Q. Where does the device plug in? Can I transfer my DashLink ELD from one truck to another?
A. BigRoad’s DashLink ELD is a plug-and-play solution that you can install by yourself in minutes. It simply plugs into your vehicle’s ECM and connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth, making it easily transferable between drivers and fleets. 

How BigRoad Can Help

Are you ready for an ELD compliance solution? Let BigRoad help! Our DashLink ELD is the easiest and most affordable solution available. It can be run as an AOBRD, and it’s also ELD-ready. Owner-operators can Buy a DashLink now until October 31st, paid upfront for one year, and get 3 MONTHS FREE! That’s 15 months for the price of 12! And, we’ll even give you a $25 e-gift card through the BigRoad Referral Program!