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Webinar Recap: AOBRDs? I Thought I needed an ELD?

AOBRDs? I Thought I Needed an ELD.pngDid you know that automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) are compliant with the ELD mandate? Learn more about AOBRDs and why fleets should transition to them first by watching a recording of our recent webinar, AOBRDs? I Thought I Needed An ELD? 

Webinar Recap

Find out more about AOBRDs and how they differ from electronic logging devices by clicking the image below to watch a recording of the webinar we held on July 24, 2017.


Questions & Answers

Q. Do you have IFTA reporting?
The BigRoad Web App keeps track of the number of miles driven in any state or province that your driver travels in. This report can be easily pulled to assist with filing IFTA reports or assist with your fleet’s payroll. 

Q. If a company has AOBRDs, do they need to get ELDs after 2019?
A. If your fleet chooses an AOBRD solution like our DashLink ELD, your fleet will not have to invest in new technology to become ELD compliant in December 2019. Our simple, affordable device is easily upgraded to ELD compliance with a software download. Even better, if you have DashLink, you decide when your fleet is ready to run in ELD compliance, meaning you can choose to transition your fleet sometime in 2018 or you can wait the full two years offered under the grandfather clause.

Q. Is your ELD solution compliant?
A. BigRoad’s DashLink ELD is compliant with the ELD mandate and is on the FMCSA’s list of certified devices. It is also compliant with section 395.15, allowing fleets and drivers to use it as an AOBRD, if they implement before December 18, 2017.

Q. Is BigRoad, not including DashLink, consider an AOBRD or ELD?
A. The BigRoad Web App is our fleet management tool, and our BigRoad Mobile App is an electronic logbook. To be compliant with the mandate, your fleet will need to sync both apps with our DashLink ELD. Our apps only sync with our DashLink ELD. Moreover, our plug-and-play device installs in minutes, and can be use as either an AOBRD or an ELD. Fleets that choose to use DashLink as an AOBRD can easily upgrade it to an ELD with a software download.

Q.  We are trying AOBRDs with our drivers. We would prefer using AOBRDs for the next 2 years. How will it work when we are ready to switch to ELDs?
With our DashLink ELD, your fleet decides when you want to switch to ELDs as the device is easily upgraded with a simple software download. You can choose to transition your fleet to ELDs in 2018, or use the full two years offered under the grandfather clause. 

Q. Will Florida’s mandate include a 2 year grandfather clause? Or will its state ELD law supercede the federal mandate?
A. The Sunshine State’s mandate does not appear to have a grandfather clause for AOBRDs for intrastate drivers. However, if you’re a long haul motor carrier or an out-of-state motor carrier, your drivers should be able to continue using an AOBRD as will be allowed under the federal mandate’s grandfather clause. If you are a motor carrier whose drivers only drive in Florida, your drivers will likely need ELDs by the Floridian mandate deadline. 

Qualify for the Grandfather Clause with our DashLink ELD! 

Our DashLink ELD can function as a compliant AOBRD if installed before December 18, 2017. Even better, our simple, easy-to-use device helps fleets streamline their operations while ensuring that they’re running in compliance with FMCSA’s regulations. Learn more by requesting a demo!