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ELD Contracts: Why They Protect You

Our DashLink ELD Comes With a 1-Year Contract-For 365 Days You Can Be Worry-Free-1.pngCertain things in life are scary, like that old tuna sandwich under your front seat and, I cringe just thinking about it, a freeway with bumper to bumper traffic. Something you shouldn’t be afraid of buying is an electronic logging device (ELD) that comes with a contract. Don’t be scared off by the word ‘contract’. Believe it or not, it’s actually there to protect you!

The ELD Mandate Deadline is Coming…Fast

The ELD mandate will be here before we know it. December 18, 2017 seems pretty far away now, but remember how far away the summer seemed a few months ago? Unless you’re exempt, you’ll need to find a compliant solution in order to be compliant and fast!

Our DashLink ELD is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) certified solution that’s simple, affordable, and flexible. For a single driver/single truck we offer our solution for $25/per month on a 1-year contract. Did you cringe at the word ‘contract’? Well…the majority, if not all, reputable ELD providers will require you to sign a contract and for good reason!

How Do Contracts Protect Me?

You sign contracts for a lot of things: your cell phone, your mortgage/rent, a loan, that load you just picked up, etc. What you might not have thought about is why you’re always signing these contracts. And, more importantly, how they protect you.

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A contract holds the provider accountable

Signing a contract is a two-way street. Yes, you’ve got to fulfill your end of the deal, but the provider is also responsible for fulfilling their end. They can’t raise their prices mid-way through the contract or suddenly hand you a terrible product.

By creating a contract, service providers are bound by law to provide you with the product they’ve promised. This is particularly important to remember when choosing an ELD – you need a device that is and will always be compliant in order to avoid penalties.

When you pay a one-time upfront fee, this isn’t the case. ELD providers have the flexibility to change their mind and their product at the drop of a hat. They don’t owe you anything and they’re not obliged to keep any promises.

A contract ensures that when you have issues or need help, someone is always there for you

That monthly subscription fee is small but mighty. You’re paying for continuous, effective customer service. Because the provider has made a promise to you, they care about your ongoing experience with the software. Your success = their success.

When you pay a one-time upfront fee, there’s no guarantee that someone will be on the other end of the phone when you need them. You’ve already paid, right? Your problems are no longer the provider’s problems.

A contract provides consistency

When you sign a year-long contract, you know what to expect for an entire year. You can relax. You understand the technology, you have access to amazing customer service, and you know the product will remain ELD compliant – it’s smooth sailing for 12 months.

shutterstock_380081665.jpgA one time payment comes with a lot of ups and downs. Sure, the upfront, ‘no strings attached’ mentality can be appealing. But it also means that the provider doesn’t owe you anything. It might be difficult to get trained on the product, to reach anyone when you have questions, and things can change without you knowing it.

Our Committment To You

With the ELD mandate quickly approaching, it’s important to choose a solution that you can trust. That’s why our DashLink ELD comes with a 1-year contract. It’s our commitment to you: we’ll make sure you’re comfortable using the software, you have access to reliable customer service when you need help, and you’re fully compliant.

We’re with you for the long-haul!

How BigRoad Can Help

Yes, our DashLink ELD comes with a 1-year contract. But it’s nothing to be scared of. In fact, it actually means less for you to worry about. Request a demo to see our simple, affordable, and flexible FMCSA certified solution in action today!