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Best Practices for Fleet Management – How to Maximize BigRoad’s Web App


Last week, we hosted a webinar about managing your fleet or yourself as a single driver using the BigRoad web app. It was the second instalment of a two-part webinar series to show users how to effectively use both the mobile and web apps. If you missed the first instalment on the mobile app, it can be viewed here on our blog.

Most of the BigRoad customers regularly use the mobile app for tracking all of their driver hours but we wanted to demonstrate how fleet managers can make the most of having their fleet use BigRoad, as well as show the single drivers how to effectively use the web app.

Debbie Fapo, who is a BigRoad expert on the support team, logged in and showed all the features and uses for the web app. Check out the recorded webinar below to learn how to maximize your use of the BigRoad web app.



Question & Answer Session:

We were able to get to all of the questions submitted, but we received several duplicate questions. Below is a quick recap of the most popular questions. For a full listing of our most popular questions, check out our FAQ page.

Also, it’s worth noting that this webinar was recorded the date before the ELD Mandate was published, as a couple of the questions were inquiring about it.

Why can’t I edit some logs?

Logs cannot be edited beyond 14 days. If you are using a DashLink device, which is engine connected, only the administrator can edit the logs. If you wanted to view the logs past the 14 days, this can only be done in the web app and not in the mobile app.

Is there a way to show no signature warning for off duty drivers?

This is currently not available. A driver would have to log into the app and show they are off duty for their selected vehicle. If you are off duty, you are not required to sign a log for that day.

If I’m off duty, would a good option be to go into airplane mode to stop the GPS tracking instead of signing out?

Yes, that is a good alternative idea to signing out.

If you run 15-30 minutes over, is it ok to show you went into violation or should you edit it to show you’re legal?

It is never ok to falsify logs and we recommend planning your route ahead of time and to include a buffer just in case you need it.

Are fleet managers able to edit logs?

Fleet managers cannot edit logs in the BigRoad eLog app. A driver would have to go into their own log and edit it on their own. However, if a driver is using DashLink, which is engine-connected, only an administrator can edit a driver’s log. Drivers cannot edit their odometer or total drive time.

Why would you want to create a group?

Creating a group can be done to easily communicate with different types of users in an organization i.e. certain types of drivers, drivers in certain regions, etc.

When are electronic logs going into effect? And do these regulations require single unit owner/operators to have an AOBRD or can we use BigRoad or paper logs?

At the time of this webinar, the ELD Mandate was not published (Wed. Dec. 9). However, now that the FMCSA has released the details regarding the mandate, yes, all fleets and drivers who already have logs will need to transition to ELDs over the next few years.

There are a few exemptions, where drivers will not have to use ELDS in the future, which include:

  • Keep records of duty status in 8 or fewer days out of every 30 working days
  • Drivers in drive-away and tow-away operations
  • Truckers operating vehicles older than model year 2000 (a change made from 2014’s proposed version of the rule)

If you do have to transition to an ELD and using paper logs or eLogs, you will need to transition to an ELD by December 2017. If you are using an AOBRD, the grace period is extended to December 2019.

For more information about the ELD mandate and the path to compliance, check out our ELD Info Page.

To start a free trial of BigRoad’s eLog book, which is the first step to the path of compliance, click below: