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Ontario Commercial Drivers: CVOR & ELD Requirements

A client operating a ¾ ton pickup (CVOR) in Ontario, Canada, was asking if BigRoad (ELD) is required for this vehicle? If not, can he still use the application for tracking?

Dear reader,

In order to determine whether you require BigRoad ELD, you need to ensure that your vehicle meets the gross weight requirements.

A Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration Certificate (CVOR) is issued in Ontario under section 17 of the Highway Traffic Act for operators of commercial motor vehicles that include:

• Trucks with a gross weight or registered gross weight or manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight over 4,500 kg;

• Buses with a seating capacity of 10 or more passengers;

• Tow trucks – regardless of gross weight or registered gross weight.

If the vehicle has a gross weight of 4,500 kilograms or less, this is not considered a commercial motor vehicle. In this case, gross vehicle weight means the total weight in kilograms transmitted to the highway by a vehicle, or a combination of vehicles, and the load.

The next category is to determine is if the manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating (MGVWR) of 4,500 kilograms or less. You can confirm this by either calling the manufacturer of the vehicle and providing the VIN, or alternatively, look on the driver’s side down for the VIN plate to confirm what the MGVWR indicates. If pulling a trailer(s), you will look for the VIN plates on the trailer(s).

Finally, you can bring their vehicle(s) to a certified weight scale to confirm if the gross vehicle weight for the purpose of determining the permit fee under subsection 121 (1) is 4,500 kilograms or less.

Therefore, you need to confirm if his vehicle or combination meets the above weights categories prior to confirming if the BigRoad HOS solution is required for this vehicle. If not defined as a commercial motor vehicle, the client can certainly use the application for tracking purposes beyond HOS, but it’s not mandatory.

Carriers that operate the following types of vehicles do not need a CVOR certificate in Ontario. These vehicles include:

• Truck or buses plated in another Canadian province or territory;

• Trucks with registered gross weight and gross weight of 4,500 kg or less, whether towing a trailer or not;

• Trucks or buses leased by an individual for 30 days or less to move personal goods or to carry passengers at no fare;

• Ambulances, fire trucks, hearses, casket wagons;

Unladen trucks or buses operating under the authority of dealer plates or in-transit permits;

• Buses used for personal purposes without compensation;

• Motor homes used for personal purposes;

• Pickup trucks that:

– Have a manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight rating of 6,000 kg (13,227 lb);

– Are being used for personal purposes without compensation;

– Are fitted with either the original, unmodified box installed by the manufacturer, or an unmodified replacement box that duplicates the one installed by the manufacturer;

– Are not carrying or towing a trailer carrying commercial cargo or tools, or equipment of any type normally used for commercial purposes.

If the vehicle is exempt from CVOR, the motor carrier can still deploy to an ELD for tracking and recording keeping purposes as a best company practice and to ensure that drivers and vehicles are being operated safely and efficiently.