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National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) Partners with BigRoad

Smartphone app for independent drivers and small fleets offers common sense, low cost solution for hours of service (HOS) and Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) compliance.


Transportation app creator BigRoad announced today it is partnering with the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC), and its cellular partner Sprint to provide BigRoad’s electronic HOS logging solution to NASTC members across North America.

BigRoad’s smartphone e-Log app replaces time consuming and error prone paper logbooks required for roadside inspection by authorities such as the Department of Transport (DOT) with a free and easy to use electronic logging system that improves driver record accuracy and saves fleets money. The BigRoad app, which is free for drivers and costs a mere $15 per vehicle for a complete fleet solution is tailor-made for the needs of the independent driver and small fleet owners looking to lower log auditing costs, and protect their CSA 2010 safety score.

“CSA compliance is less of an issue for large fleets, who have the resources and deep pockets to invest in big hardware solutions. But for the small fleets and independent contractors who can’t afford the more expensive solutions, CSA compliance is a significant burden, and has very little to no return on investment. BigRoad’s app is a perfect solution for the small fleet and independent driver. It’s an easy to use and deploy solution for the smaller guys who form the bulk of the trucking market. It runs on a smart phone so there’s no in-vehicle hardware to buy or install. It allows us all to move off paper logs, and provides clean, error free electronic ‘paperwork’. We’re delighted to partner with BigRoad and our existing partner Sprint to bring this app and the best phones and nationwide plans to our membership,” says David Owen, President, NASTC.

“BigRoad is saving my drivers time and me money,” says Billy Barstow, owner, Barstow Transportation of Lakeland, Florida. “I had all six of my guys up and running on the BigRoad system in a matter of hours and they’ve all taken to it like ducks to water for electronic HOS logging. We’ve been able to say good-bye forever to paper logs, and now when my guys are pulled over they are passing DOT inspection with flying colors. BigRoad is the best thing that has happened to my business in a long time.”

“The BigRoad app is now on the smart phones of more than 33,000 drivers across North America and is currently in use or trial with more than 420 fleets. Drivers love it. They are finding our app, and bringing it back to their dispatch. There’s a huge appetite for simple, cost effective technologies in the trucking industry. Small fleets now have an electronic logging option that does everything they need it to do, and owners don’t have to shell out for expensive, hard to use heavy-duty hardware. They can leverage their driver’s existing smart phone or tablet,” says BigRoad CEO Kelly Frey.

Pricing and Availability

BigRoad’s app for Android is available free for download directly from Google Play using the following link: An iPhone version of the driver app is expected later this year.

The BigRoad Fleet management solution is just $15 per month per vehicle and a fleet can be up and running in literally minutes. A free trial of the fleet version can be found here:


The National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) was founded in 1989 by David Owen and Buster Anderson to establish an active association for small trucking companies, nationwide, which serves as an advocate for, a consultant to, and a source for collective buying power for its member companies. NASTC leads a strong lobbying effort on behalf of small trucking companies and, like our members, is committed to safety, compliance and technological advancements that improve and simplify the transportation industry.

About BigRoad

BigRoad provides innovative and easy to use solutions that simplify safety and compliance for thousands ofdrivers and fleets across North America. BigRoad’s ELD-ready DashLink is the most reliable and affordablesolution available to ensure ELD mandate compliance. With over 350,000 downloads, the BigRoad MobileApp is the #1 electronic logging app for drivers on Android and iOS. For fleets, the BigRoad Web App helpsmaximize operational efficiency with real-time visibility and risk notifications. Over 30,000 fleets have chosenBigRoad as their compliance partner. For more information on how BigRoad can help you get on the path tocompliance, visit or call 1-888-305-8777.