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BigRoad Hits 15,000 Download Mark on Google Play

New smartphone app offering common sense fleet tracking and electronic HOS logging is changing the game for drivers and small fleets


Transportation app creator BigRoad has hit the 15,000 download mark for its free driver’s app just two months after launching on Google Play.

The app, specifically designed with drivers in mind, greatly improves life on the road, offering truckers the ability to automate HOS logs while staying connected with their fleet, family and friends. The app, which is available free for download off Google Play, includes:

  • Electronic driver logs (US and Canada compliant)
  • In-app messaging
  • Photo and document for payroll, PODs or damage photos
  • Real-time GPS-based navigation and traffic monitoring
  • Integration of popular smartphone apps including the popular Lose It! weight loss tool for healthy trucking

A web-enabled version of the app for fleets allows dispatch and fleet managers to real-time message their drivers, automate HOS and job status of drivers plus real-time capture of documents forwarded by drivers.

“We founded BigRoad with the goal to make life easier on the road for the independent drivers and small fleets who make up the bulk of the market. Heavy hardware solutions are overkill for the smaller fleet, typically requiring significant upfront investment, support from an IT department and ongoing solution maintenance. And our market research showed us that the majority of small fleets use just a fraction of the functionality of these systems for very poor return on investment. We have set out to become a game changer with our simple to use, low cost app — accessible right from a driver’s smartphone. With an EOBR mandate looming on the horizon, we believe we offer a more affordable and practical solution for small fleet compliance,” says BigRoad founder and CEO, Kelly Frey. “We are very excited that drivers have responded as we had hoped they would. Our app is now in the hands of 15,000 users, and is actively being used by more than 160 fleets all across North America.”

According to a steady stream of feedback flowing in from the road, drivers and fleet owners simply love BigRoad’s approach. “This app saved me a lot of headache figuring hours on my log. I like it a lot,” says new user Nancy. “Every small fleet should be using BigRoad,” says Billy, a Florida-based fleet owner.

BigRoad’s latest addition, an integration of the popular weight loss tool Lose It! is directly aimed at the healthy trucking movement, which is gaining widespread popularity among drivers and fleets. John, a recent BigRoad user had this to say about BigRoad’s Lose It! integration. “With the addition of Lose It! you are officially in a league of your own. If they have awards for App of The Year, I will vote for you.”

Pricing and Availability

BigRoad’s app for Android is available free for download directly from Google Play using the following link: An iPhone version of the driver app is expected later this year.

The BigRoad Fleet management solution is just $15 per month per vehicle and a fleet can be up and running in literally minutes. A free trial of the fleet version can be found here:

About BigRoad

BigRoad provides innovative and easy to use solutions that simplify safety and compliance for thousands of drivers and fleets across North America. BigRoad’s ELD-ready DashLink is the most reliable and affordable solution available to ensure ELD mandate compliance. With over 350,000 downloads, the BigRoad Mobile App is the #1 electronic logging app for drivers on Android and iOS. For fleets, the BigRoad Web App helps maximize operational efficiency with real-time visibility and risk notifications. Over 30,000 fleets have chosen BigRoad as their compliance partner. For more information on how BigRoad can help you get on the path to compliance, visit or call 1-888-305-8777.