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BigRoad Announces Availability of 395.15-compliant Engine Connected Paperless Driver Log Solution


BigRoad, a leading provider of fleet applications for trucking and motorcoach, announced today the availability of its newest product: DashLink, an electronic logging device (ELD) that creates driver logs compliant with existing US and Canadian regulations, and provides fleets and owner-operators with an easy and low-cost upgrade for the upcoming ELD mandate.

“We wanted to give the industry the easiest and most flexible way to get started with engine-connected electronic logs,” says Terry Frey, BigRoad co-founder and COO. “Unlike existing embedded on-board recorders (EOBRs), we created DashLink so it can be installed in seconds for a very low cost. And it requires no contract to get started.”

Fast, Easy and Affordable ELD Compliance – How DashLink Works

DashLink is fully compliant with US AOBRD (395.15) and Canadian Electronic Recording Device (SOR-2005 313) regulations. It works in conjunction with the BigRoad mobile app to record driving time automatically ensuring that driver hours of service (HOS) logs are easily and accurately created. The DashLink device is plugged into the truck’s diagnostic port (or otherwise connected to the vehicle’s engine), and the BigRoad app is then used to configure the vehicle for use in engine-connected mode.

“DashLink takes our electronic logbook solution to the next level of accuracy and compliance,” says Frey. “Logs are easier to create because the truck and its odometer values are recorded automatically, and there’s always an accurate record of driving time. There’s no need for a printer in the truck, and the accurate, automated record-keeping streamlines roadside inspections and back office audits.”

“BigRoad’s DashLink is by far the easiest ELD system we have tried. The administrative editing with DashLink is much improved over Teletrac, Qualcomm and Garmin, and our drivers find DashLink much easier to use,” says Sherron Futrell, Safety/Compliance Manager at Doyle Sims & Sons Trucking.

Full Compliance with Upcoming ELD Mandate

Frey goes on to say that when the ELD regulations are finalized, fleets and owner-operators using DashLink can be assured of compliance. If a driver installs DashLink prior to the two-year implementation deadline for ELD, BigRoad and DashLink can continue to be used as an AOBRD for an additional two years beyond the implementation deadline, providing an important cushion surrounding compliance.

Availability and Pricing

BigRoad DashLink is currently available for Android mobile devices, and to use DashLink, drivers must be running the BigRoad Android mobile app with DashLink support. Support for iOS will be provided in an upcoming release. Most heavy duty and light duty trucks manufactured after 2008 are DashLink compatible. DashLink can be purchased direct from BigRoad for $10 per month per vehicle, and the BigRoad DashLink solution (BigRoad subscription + DashLink device) is available directly from BigRoad for $25 per month.

About BigRoad

BigRoad provides innovative and easy to use solutions that simplify safety and compliance for thousands ofdrivers and fleets across North America. BigRoad’s ELD-ready DashLink is the most reliable and affordablesolution available to ensure ELD mandate compliance. With over 350,000 downloads, the BigRoad MobileApp is the #1 electronic logging app for drivers on Android and iOS. For fleets, the BigRoad Web App helpsmaximize operational efficiency with real-time visibility and risk notifications. Over 30,000 fleets have chosenBigRoad as their compliance partner. For more information on how BigRoad can help you get on the path tocompliance, visit or call 1-888-305-8777.