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Volunteering for an MTO Audit

WAT Supplies and BigRoad

WAT Supplies began as a small family-owned and operated business. Fast forward almost 30 years and they’ve grown to become a premier provider of sanitation, paper, and food service products. They’ve grown their short haul distribution network to 8 power units with 6 drivers. “We’re committed to providing customers with exceptional service,” said Travis Gillard, Account Manager at WAT Supplies. “Quick transport of our products plays a huge role in fulfilling this commitment to our clients.”

Becoming a Leading Distributor Didn’t Happen Overnight

WAT Supplies relied on paper logs to document their drivers’ hours of service (HOS). Over the years they‘ve experienced a number of challenges with paper logging including form and manner errors, missing logs, and lengthy delays in receiving and processing paperwork. “We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the latest technology, but we weren’t using it ourselves,” commented Travis. “I knew that there must be a better solution for our drivers and that’s when I found BigRoad.” After a few months of using the BigRoad Mobile App and BigRoad Web App, WAT Supplies improved their transportation operations tremendously.

Volunteering to Be Audited

In November 2015, after using BigRoad to help improve their operations, Travis volunteered to have his fleet audited by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). “I was warned that they weren’t going to go easy on us just because we volunteered. I wasn’t worried because I knew that BigRoad had our backs,” exclaimed Travis. “I presented our logs to the officer and watched his eyes go from squinting at chicken scratch to lighting up like a child at Christmas! He was impressed with how clean and practical the logs were. He said that they’re much better to inspect which makes his job a lot easier.”

“BigRoad enabled us to transform our operations. Our logs are now completely clean, we have no violations, and my drivers enjoy using BigRoad much more than having to fill out paper logs. It’s a great change!” – Travis Gillard, Account Manager for WAT Supplies


The Results

“We did better than expected and scored a 98 on the audit,” shared Travis. “A big part of my day was spent managing my fleet. Now that we have BigRoad, I’m able to manage my drivers without feeling like I’m hassling them. It’s made my business that much better.” Since the audit, WAT Supplies has transitioned all of their drivers from paper logs to the BigRoad Mobile App and are using the BigRoad Web App to manage their fleet. Travis is looking forward to continuing to improve their operations and benefiting from all that BigRoad has to offer!