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Bee Line Transport Inc.

Bee Line Transport and BigRoad

You never know how a roadside inspection is going to play out. You could get waved through or you could have your truck inspected with a fine-tooth comb. When put to the test, the BigRoad Mobile App and BigRoad Web App have enabled drivers to consistently pass the toughest roadside inspections with ease.

Driver Are Confident When Using BigRoad

Based out of La Grande, Oregon, Bee Line Transport Inc. maintains a group of dedicated owner-operators. Their fleet is made up of 12 one ton (or higher rated) trucks that primarily transport slide-in truck campers and RVs.

Travelling regularly across Canada and the lower 48 states, they rack up a lot of miles and participate in their share of roadside inspections. In January 2016, one of their drivers was pulled in by an Idaho State Trooper for a random load and Level III Inspection. The driver confidently pulled out his Android phone, opened up the BigRoad Mobile App, and handed it to the Trooper. “The inspection went so quickly. My driver was surprised when the Trooper said he was finished,” said Ryan McCrea, Fleet Manager at Bee Line Transport Inc.

The Cleanest Logs on the Road

“The Trooper was so impressed with the ease of use, functionality, and interface – he actually took down the name of the app and said he was going to let the other Troopers know about it and would start suggesting it to drivers whose logs weren’t as good as BigRoad,” explained Ryan. “From a driver standpoint, BigRoad is one of, if not the easiest, electronic logbooks to use. You’ll be hooked once you give it a try!”

Improved Operations and Communications

Bee Line Transport Inc. has been using the BigRoad Mobile App and BigRoad Web App for almost two years. They’ve fully integrated BigRoad into their dispatching operation, which has enabled their dispatchers and drivers to communicate more efficiently.

“Prior to BigRoad, we would get transposed, handwritten numbers, which just led to confusion, frustration, and errors. BigRoad has changed the way we communicate. We’ve eliminated errors, prevented violations, and know about potential issues before they become a problem!”


On The Road to Compliance

Bee Line Transport Inc. plans to implement DashLink – BigRoad’s ELD-ready AOBRD – in the near future. “Using BigRoad has been a great experience. We’re way more efficient than we were in the past,” explained Ryan. “BigRoad is actively working to get their AOBRD ready to meet mandate requirements and we plan on continuing with BigRoad, implementing DashLink fleet wide!”