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Your Top Support Questions Answered

BigRoad Support Questions and AnswersWith over 40,000 fleets and 500,00 drivers using our solutions, and hundreds more selecting BigRoad every day, we’ve been experiencing higher than normal call and email volume leading up to the ELD mandate deadline. All hands are on deck at BigRoad to ensure that we continue to provide customers with world-class customer service and support. Have a quick question that you need an answer to? Check out this post for answers to common support questions.

Get Up and Running Quickly

We’ve got a lot of great resources available online to help you get up and running quickly so you don’t need to take time off the road to call. Do you have a question and don’t want to call? Here are the most common support questions we get asked and the answers to them.

1. How Do I Download the BigRoad Mobile App on My Phone or Tablet?

From your device, visit the Google Play Store for Android devices or the iTunes for Apple devices to download the app. Once downloaded, sign in to access your fleet and/or truck.

Need Help Logging In?
Check your email and look for account information from [email protected]. Once you sign up with BigRoad, we email you a temporary password for you to change.

Forgot Your Password?
From your welcome email click, “Yes, but I’ve forgotten my password, please make up a new one and email it to me.”

2. What is the BigRoad Web App?

It is a fleet management tool where Fleet Administrators and Owner-Operators can find all of vehicles and settings information. To access the BigRoad Web App, visit and click “Sign In” in the top right corner. We will cover more specific tasks that can be completed through this portal throughout the blog.

  • For Fleet Admins: You can add trucks to your fleet, view drivers in real time, access to the risk dashboard, state mileage reports, and edit/print drivers logs.
  • For Owner-Operators: View and edit logs, settings, and connect your DashLink.

3. How Do I Connect my DashLink?

Ensure your truck is setup properly through the BigRoad Web App. We’ve created a training video that walks you through how to do this.

  1. Login to the BigRoad Web App as an admin
  2. Click on the Fleet tab
  3. Select Trucks
  4. Select Add a Truck
  5. Enter the truck number
    This can be a maximum of 10 characters and cannot contain
    spaces or commas
  6. Enter the license plate number
  7. Enter the VIN number
    BigRoad will verify that the VIN number is the required 17
    characters long
  8. Select the type of truck you wish to add: ELECTRONIC LOG, AOBRD OR ELD
    Once a truck has been added as ELD it cannot be switched to
    Electronic Log or AOBRD
  9. Select pairing option (VIN or device ID)
    If you select device ID, you must enter the DashLink number into the box below.
  10. Click Add Truck

If your driver is already in the system and you just need to add the DashLink:

  1. Login to the BigRoad Web App as an admin
  2. Click on the Fleet tab
  3. Select Trucks
  4. Find the truck you need to add the DashLink to and click edit

4. How Do I Add a Truck to My Fleet?

This function is also done through the BigRoad Web App:

  1. Click the Fleet tab
  2. On the left hand side click Trucks
  3. Click Add Truck in the top right corner
  4. Fill out truck information

5. How Do I Turn on the Yard Move and Personal Conveyance Feature?
To turn on the yard move feature, you need to be engine-connected with our DashLink.

  1. Log in to the BigRoad Web App
  2. Under the Fleet tab you will find Settings
  3. Click Edit
  4. Scroll down where you will find options for personal conveyance and yard move
  5. Check the box beside each option

Hit Update Fleet

6. Is My Device an AOBRD or an ELD?

If you purchase and install DashLink before Monday, December 18, 2017 – it is running as an AOBRD. You can continue to run DashLink as an AOBRD until December 16, 2019 under the FMCSA’s AOBRD grandfather clause. After this date, you will need to turn on ELD functionality.

Later this week, you’ll have the ability to turn on ELD functionality on a truck-by-truck basis to run DashLink as an ELD. You can do this at any time – it’s up to you!  Once you turn on ELD functionality for a vehicle, you cannot go back to running an AOBRD or eLog.

If you purchase your DashLink after December 18, 2017 – your device is an ELD and you’ll need to comply with ELD rules and regulations.

7.  How Do I Print and Edit My Drivers’ Logs?

There are a few different ways to do this. The easiest way to edit and print your drivers logs is:

  1. Select the Driver tab in the BigRoad Web App
  2. Click on the driver’s name for the logs that you need to view

Click the Edit Logs and Print Logs button in the top right

8.  How Much Data Does the BigRoad Mobile App Use?

The BigRoad Mobile App uses approximately 300MB a month.

9.  Are There Any Training Resources Available?

BigRoad has many resources available online to help you with whatever you need.

How BigRoad Can Help

At BigRoad we are doing everything we can to help you get ready for the mandate deadline. As a result of our high call volume, we are running LIVE daily training webinars this week to walk you through everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have. If you still need more assistance please fill out our Contact Us form to receive a call back.