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Your Phone Cannot be Confiscated for Using Electronic Logs – Q&A Part 3 of 4

It’s awesome to have so many questions to answer from our webinar attendees. Thanks again, everyone. Have questions to add? Ask away in the comments!

Q: Is the capability available to have a 14-day history to comply with Canadian Rules and Regulations for those who cross the border?

A: Yes! We have lots and lots of users who drive in Canada full-time or part-time. We are Canadian, we love Canada, and BigRoad makes switching rules at the border easy.

Q: Does Big Road load both the hours-of-service regulations for cargo-carrying drivers AND passenger-carrying drivers? Our drivers carry passengers. How do we make sure that the proper regulations are loaded?

A: When you select your rule set, select passenger-carrying. We’ve got you covered.

Q: Driving in Arizona law enforcement told us that they will confiscate the driver’s phone if using BigRoad.

A: That doesn’t sound right and probably wouldn’t be legal. Perhaps there’s a misunderstanding going on. Obviously you shouldn’t be operating your mobile device while driving, but you are allowed to keep your logs on your phone or tablet. Just like with paper logs, you fill them in when you’re stopped. Just make sure your printer is working, your logs are good, and you’re ready to show them and if they have questions about the regulations.

Q: What if you’re driving an older truck without any onboard computer?

A: Perfect! BigRoad is great for anyone who doesn’t want (or can’t use) an engine-connected device – it doesn’t connect to the engine. Even when we add a dashlink option, we’ll keep the option of the current version around as long as it’s legal. With BigRoad, the app runs on your smartphone or tablet and replaces your paper logs. No need for an onboard computer, just your phone or tablet and a mobile printer will do.

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