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Your Guide to Managing ELD Data

Your Guide to Managing ELD Data (2).png

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) provide a simple solution to help you manage large amounts of data quickly. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are the top ELD features that keeps information up-to-date and easily accessible.

How ELDs Can Help You Manage Data

With the right resources and provider, ELDs can actually make your job a lot easier by removing manual tasks, automation, and creating efficiencies. ELDs are a great tool for data management. Check out how they can help making managing your fleet a little easier. 

1. Document Control 

With ELDs, record of duty status (RODs) and driver vehicle inspections reports (DVIRs) are always located in the same place. On the BigRoad Mobile App, drivers can easgalaxy-note_portrait_log-details-1.jpgily access their daily logs and archived logs for up to 6 months. In the backend of the BigRoad Web App, you can access the logs of all of your drivers in one place and they’re store indefinately. This feature eliminates the concern of lost logs and easily compiles information into an accessible place.  

With BigRoad’s Mobile App, drivers are able to capture documents with their camera right from their device. Documents that are uploaded are instantly secured on our servers and become available to view and save as a PDF on the BigRoad Web App. These functions keep everything secured and eliminate the hassle of trying to manage documents and find information.

2. Fleet Overview
Some of the handiest information that ELDs provide is an incredibly accurate overview of your fleet and vehicles. This information includes insight into the duty status of drivers, and mileage while enabling you to better locate drivers and provide route advice. You can even see how much driving time each driver has left.

Driver Tab.pngThis information is as accurate as possible because the majority of it is pulled directly from the engine of the commercial motor vehicle, rather than relying on drivers to manually enter their information.

All of this information is sent via Bluetooth to the BigRoad Mobile App and Web App. This allows you to easily view your drivers information in an organized and easy to read manner.

3. Reporting
With the help of ELDs, reporting has never been easier! Drivers can easily create detailed driver vehicle inspection reports and submit them in seconds. Reports that show state and mileage are accessible can be create with one click. BigRoad’s solution also provides all of the information you need to complete your IFTA reporting and driver hours – ultimately makes reporting effortless and convenient.

web-appsupportdrivers2-1.png4. Risk Dashboard  

Real-time reporting and monitoring of your drivers on the BigRoad Roadside Risk Dashboard on the BigRoad Web App keeps you in control. From here you’re able to proactively manage your drivers and their logs, allowing you to prevent form and manner errors before resulting in a violation.


How BigRoad Can Help 

BigRoad’s DashLink ELD was designed to make life simpler for drivers and fleets. Whether you are a small or large fleet, BigRoad has everything you need. Request a live demo to see why over 30,000 fleets trust BigRoad as their ELD compliance partner.