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Why Aren’t More ELDs on the Registered List?


Why aren’t more electronic logging device (ELD) providers on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Registered ELD list? We’re getting asked this question on a daily basis at BigRoad. This is often followed by, why isn’t BigRoad on the list yet? The truth is – no one should really be on it…yet!

ELD Mandate Compliance Requirements for Drivers
Drivers who are subject to the ELD Mandate must install and use an electronic logging device (ELD) that appears on the Registered ELD list by the appropriate deadline:

  • December 18, 2017 – If you’re currently using paper logs or an electronic logbook
  • December 16, 2019 – If you’re currently using a 395.15-compliant Automatic Onboard Recording Device (AOBRD)

How Do ELD Manufacturers Get Listed?
List.pngIn order to be included on the FMCSA’s Registered ELD list, the ELD manufacturer must self-certify and register their device. The FMCSA holds the ELD manufacturer “responsible for registering their ELDs and certifying that it meets the technical specifications set forth in the ELD rule”.

To reiterate: the FMCSA does not review the device to ensure it complies prior to listing on their Registered ELD list.

When a device is listed, the assumption is made that the manufacturer has interpreted the mandate correctly, built a product that fully meets the specifications, and has done their due diligence (testing) before listing it. Buyers beware – this isn’t always the case!

What Happens If a Listed Device Isn’t Compliant?
inspection.jpgNon-compliant devices will be identified by enforcement during roadside inspections and compliance reviews. Theoretically, a fleet could roll out one of the ELDs on the Registered ELD list to their entire fleet, only to find out during an inspection that the device is not compliant.

After scrutiny from the industry regarding this process, noted in this article from Overdrive, the FMCSA outlined a process for removing non-compliant providers from their Registered ELD list. Manufacturers will likely be given the opportunity to work with the FMCSA (at their discretion) to fix the issue(s) before resorting to complete removal.

Why Isn’t BigRoad on the List? 
BigRoad-logo.pngFirst and foremost – not all of the requirements for complete certification have been released by the FMCSA at this point in time. Providers have not been given access to the FMCSA and law enforcement systems that are crucial (and required) to development a fully compliant device.

Specifically, the FMCSA has not given any ELD manufacturer access to the Electronic Record of Duty Status or “eRODS” system. The eRODS system is what the FMCSA and enforcement partners will use to read data from the ELD, to determine if the driver is in compliance with the hours of service (HOS) regulations. Without testing an ELD against the eRODS system, it’s impossible to know if both systems will work properly together.

No firm date has been released as to when access will be granted to manufacturers.

We’re focused on developing the best available ELD solution that is in full compliance with the ELD mandate – we’re waiting until we have all of the information before self-certifying our device and releasing it as a compliant device.

What Are Your Options Now?
DashLink_Set_1.pngYou can get on the path to compliance today by switching to an AOBRD solution, and then upgrading to an ELD by December 2019. This is a great option as it will give you time to get your fleet comfortable with the technology before you are mandated to have it in use.

BigRoad’s DashLink is currently available and
fully compliant with AOBRD requirements. Our device is field upgradeable – meaning that once our
self-certified and registered ELD is available, we can update all of your units through a software update while they’re still in the field.

If you’re interested in learning more about BigRoad’s DashLink solution, sign-up for a demo and see it in action today!