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What’s the Deal with HOS, eLogs and ELD?

Today, BigRoad is hosting a joint webinar with the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) at 2 pm central time. The topic of this free webinar is HOS, eLogs and ELD: What’s the Real Story?


What is the deal anyway? So much talk and rumour – it can be confusing for everyone that is for sure!  So, we are coming together with David Owen, President of NASTC; Rick Gobbell, Vice President Gobbell Transportation Safety; and Terry Frey, President of BigRoad to open up the dialogue and address the many questions you have on this topic over the last months.

The goal of this webinar is to discuss the rules around hours of service (HOS), how to prepare for an inspection, breaking down the ELD mandate and what it means, what was legislated in September and now in October, and finally how to prepare during the compliance period to be ELD ready in 2019.  While the team will answer questions throughout the session, a dedicated Q&A session will also be a part of the discussion.


Who Should Attend?

Everyone who’s anyone in trucking – it’s free!  If you keep track of your hours of service, maintain driver logs, manage a fleet, ensure compliance/safety for a fleet or manage a trucking company – you need to be at this webinar. We’ll be reviewing the mandate in detail and debunking some of the myths with the ELD mandate i.e. having ‘big brother’ watching you, not having enough driving time or taking competent drivers off the road.

The ELD mandate has been crafted to ensure drivers are driving the appropriate amount of hours, not putting anyone’s safety at risk and eliminating a time-consuming administrative task that can get drivers into trouble (i.e. log errors, violations).


Why Should You Attend?

Most of the calls we receive to BigRoad’s Support Team are about hours of service. It’s a complicated and complex topic. For drivers who are driving through multiple states, it’s easy to mix up the various state rules.

Also, there is a lot of misinformation out there. We receive questions about BigRoad’s electronic logs, whether they are accepted during inspections or that they heard they are not. BigRoad’s logs are absolutely an acceptable logging solution. We have thousands of customers across North America who have used it day in, day out for years and had to provide their eLogs during inspections. We recently posted Doug Hinckley’s Level II inspection that went very smoothly with BigRoad’s eLogs.

It’s easy to hear speculation about what is/isn’t accepted and take it as fact. All three webinar panelists are industry experts and will not only separate fact from fiction, but provide great insight into this ELD mandate and how to transition into compliance.


If you cannot attend the webinar, not to worry!  A recording will be available later on along with the full Q&A so you don’t miss out on any important need-to-know information.  We also encourage you to download BigRoad’s free trial to transition into electronic logs and learn the benefits of going paperless.