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What’s New at BigRoad HQ? iOS Release, Team Updates, and More

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With the ELD mandate deadline approaching, Team BigRoad has been hard at work. We are taking care of every detail so that we can provide drivers and fleets with the best possible tools and support they need to achieve hassle-free DOT compliance.  Here are some things we’re working on.

Our Team

We’re expanding the BigRoad team to better serve our customers. We’ve grown our Support, Engineering, Marketing and Account Management teams to make sure our customers have the best BigRoad experience possible. Growing these teams will allow us to respond more effectively, handle calls faster, add new features to our application, and much more!

Our Product

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We’re excited to announce iOS is up and running on DashLink ELD! Now drivers can use our ELD mandate solution seamlessly with their Apple iPhone or iPad. With drivers able to bring their own Apple or Android devices, your whole fleet can be managed on BigRoad!

Before the release, we did beta testing with some existing customers to make sure iOS on DashLink ELD was up to snuff. Here’s how it went;

“We tested out the DashLinks on our drivers’ Apple devices and it’s just as clean and easy to use as it is on our other devices. I’m glad we can finally get our whole fleet up and running with ELDs because with the mandate around the corner, it’s going to take some time to roll them out to everyone.”

“It’s great for us that the ELD can be used on Apple and Android phones, because our drivers can use their own devices, which will save us the expense of buying a tablet for each of our trucks.”


phone-daily-log-combo.pngThe iOS release will include some updated features, so we’ll also be releasing a new Android update in the coming weeks with the same added functionality. The most significant upgrade is the Unidentified Driving feature, where driving events that are not connected to a driver can be assigned to one by dispatch (a requirement of the ELD mandate). In keeping with ELD compliance, this will ensure that all driving time is accounted for, but will need to be approved by the driver in order to protect users against coercion.


DashLink is getting a facelift! The new DashLink ELD will be smaller and sleeker than ever before, with the same reliable connectivity and functionality that it has always had.


ELD Mandate Reminder

December 17th is only 10 months away! By getting started with the DashLink ELD now you are able to get comfortable electronic logging devices, while maintaining the flexibility to decide when you’re ready to be fully compliant with the mandate. You can wait until December 16, 2019 or make the switch sooner. Learn more about BigRoad or request a demo by clicking the button below.