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What your truck color says about you!!

In the article “What does your truck color say about you?” written by Carolyn Magner on, you can take a new sort of personality test. This one is based on the meaning of colors and how it applies to your personality and the truck that you own/drive. Whether you believe it to be true or not, check out this list of colors and their meaning (as found in the article). Enjoy!

BLACK: Absence of color; associated with strength and power.Owners: Deeply emotional, focused, loyal, stubborn, love danger, self-protective, loyal

RED: Draws the most attention; is an intense color. Owners: Passionate, cheerful, romantic, aggressive, enjoy attention, dramatic

BLUE: Most popular color; considered calming. Owners: Conservative, loyal, dreamers, positive, visionary, powerful

GREEN: Color of nature; soothing palate. Owners: Sharp, smart, fast thinkers, edgy, lucky, prosperous

WHITE: Presence of all color; safe shade. Owners: Analytical, questioning, objective, curious, open-minded, optimistic

YELLOW: Sunny color; draws attention. Owners: Optimistic, friendly, warm, happy

ORANGE: Color of fun, excitement. Owners: Problem solvers, quick thinkers, dependable, intelligent, affectionate, energetic

PURPLE: Color of royalty; linked to spirituality . Owners: Deep, spiritual, introspective, mysterious, mischievous

What about the owners of the trucks displayed at MATS 2013?  Flames, Skulls……

 MATS 2013 Flame Truck resized 600