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What your caffeine addiction can do for you & your CSA score!

How do you get your caffeine fix? Coffee? Energy drinks? Looks like you should try and get a dose of caffeine anyway you can, just try and stick to the healthier methods..

In an article published by, new studies have found that caffeine can reduce the risk of accidents involving truckers. According to the article, “caffeine consumption reduces crash risk by about 63 percent,” reason being, “caffeine is a ‘psycho stimulant’ that suppresses the innate adenosine mediated drive to sleep.” Not only does caffeine help people to stay awake, it also helps ward off diabetes and reduce the risk of heart failure. Men’s Health Magazine explains more about these benefits and the science behind them in the article “The Caffeine Advantage.” 

So whether you are a Dunkin’ Donuts fan, a Tim Horton’s regular or a Redbull lover, your caffeine consumption can help you stay alert and even stay healthy. For truckers, this means improving your csa score by fighting fatigue!


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