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What BigRoad learned at the Fergus Truck Show – Photo Essay

This past weekend, BigRoad went on a road trip to the annual Fergus Truck Show.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought that the most appropriate way to show what we learned at the show was through a photo essay. Enjoy!


Lesson 1: Trade Show tents can survive “tornadic” activity.

Starting of the show, the booth isn’t looking too shabby – fast forward to the next day when a severe thunderstorm decided to roll through, things definitely looked a little different.


BigRoad booth 


(Yes those are people running for their lives)

Tent storm



During Storm

Just kidding! Our tent did survive though!


Lesson 2: There are 3 types of pulls that take place at the Fergus Truck Show (and the competition is stiff)…

The classic tractor pull.

tractor pull

(source of photo: Wellington Advertiser) 


The pick-up truck pull.

pick-up truck pull


The lawn tractor pull – surprisingly lawn tractors can pull more weight than one would have thought.

lawn tractor pull


Lesson 3: Beer is definitely the drink of choice amongst show-goers. 

Well, the Sleeman fleet showed up…

Sleeman Trucks


A lone ranger carrying Sapporo came…

Sapporo Truck


And was there any doubt that the truck show classics would make an appearance?! Hello Molson, thanks for bringing your buddy Coors!

coors and canadian trucks


Lesson 4: Of course the O.P.P. Truck would show up, it’s a truck show!

For those who over-indulged in the festivities, the portable drunk tank was near by.

police truck


Lesson 5: At the end of the day, rain or shine, everyone has fun at the Fergus Truck Show!

20130727 162803 resized 600

It was a great weekend! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the BigRoad tent.