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Webinar Recap: Transitioning to ELDs; What to Expect

WEBINAR RECAP-TRANSITIONING TO ELDS; WHAT TO EXPECT.pngIt’s almost time to make the move to ELDs – are you prepared for what’s coming? Watch the webinar recording to learn what to expect when you transition from paper or electronic logs to an ELD mandate compliance solution. 

Webinar Recap – Watch The Recording!

During this webinar, we went over what you can anticipate during your transition to electronic logging devices, including some key advantages to ELDs and what to look for in a provider. 

Click the image below to access a recording of our Transitioning to ELDs; What to Expect webinar that was held on July 11, 2017:

Questions & Answers

Q. Do I need an ELD if I only have one truck and I haul private cargo?
If you are hauling personal items and do not currently need to keep RODS, then you will not need an ELD. If you are driving a vehicle that requires you to have a CDL and keep RODS, then you will not need to have an ELD. There is no exemption based on being an owner-operator or single-truck operation. 

Q. If you don’t send the logs to an email, are they saved electronically? Do you need to print out days or weeks when you are off?
A. If you are using the BigRoad Mobile App, you can pull up logs through the app from the last 7 days (US) or 14 days (Canada) depending on which country you are driving in. This will allow you to present the required logs during an inspection. If you need to go back further than what is required, for an audit, you can log into the BigRoad Web App where all of your logs will be saved indefinitely.

Q. If I’m signed up with BigRoad’s DashLink before the mandate deadline, will I be able to run it as an AOBRD until 2019?
A. BigRoad’s DashLink can be installed and used as an AOBRD until the extension deadline of December 16, 2019. When you are ready to make the move to a more restrictive ELD (before the December 16, 2019 deadline), it can be done with a simple software update. No new hardware is required. Once you have DashLink installed you can make this switch anytime – either wait until December 2019, or sooner, depending on your comfort level. To learn about the benefits of using DashLink as an AOBRD, watch the recording of last month’s webinar, eLogs, ELDs and AOBRDs; What’s the Difference? Or, check out this blog post

Q. I see you’ve just dropped your owner-operator price to $19.50. Will your IFTA functionality cost extra?
We have just dropped our price for owner-operators! This is because owner-operators have different needs from fleets and use less of the back-end functionality – we don’t want owner-operators to pay for features they don’t typically use. However, IFTA reporting is something that is included at both the owner-operator and fleet price point! The owner-operator price doesn’t come with reduced functionality, and IFTA reporting is something that everyone benefits from!  

How BigRoad Can Help

Are you ready for an ELD compliance solution? Let BigRoad help! Our DashLink ELD is the easiest and most affordable ELD available. Buy a DashLink now and take advantage of that two-year AOBRD extension!


Want to see DashLink in action first? Request a demo to see how easy DashLink is to use!