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Webinar Recap: Transitioning From Paper Logs to ELDs

Webinar Recap: Transitioning From Paper Logs to ELDsAre you or your fleet transitioning from paper logs to electronic logging devices (ELDs)? Are you looking for tips and best practices to make this transition as easy as possible? Find out what you need to know by watching a recording of our recent webinar, Transitioning From Paper Logs to ELDs.

Webinar Recap

Learn more how to transition painlessly from paper logs to ELDs. Click on the image below to watch a recording of the webinar we held on September 27, 2017.


Questions & Answers

Q: How are bus drivers affected by the ELD mandate?
If you’re currently required to keep paper logs, you will need to run an ELD unless you qualify for one of the exemptions we mentioned during the webinar. This applies to bus and motorcoach drivers as well.

Q: Can we monitor the drivers from the app on our cell phone?
With BigRoad, you monitor your drivers through the BigRoad Web App fleet management tool. This works the best on a larger screen – like a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer – but can be viewed on a cell phone There’s a lot to see and a small phone screen often makes it difficult to catch everything! If you had to see your drivers for some reason and you weren’t near a computer, you can login to the BigRoad Web App on your phone via your internet search engine. Like I mentioned, just keep in mind that the screen on your phone is very small and it might be difficult to see every detail.

Q: Do I buy the tablet or ELD device from you? Do I buy the cord from you?
We have a BYOD, or “bring your own device”, system. This is great for you because it means that you can choose the phone or tablet that you’d prefer to use rather than being forced to purchase a device from us. Many of our customers just use their existing smartphone or tablet and the BigRoad Mobile App runs off that.

At BigRoad, we don’t have an upfront purchase cost for the hardware. Instead, the cost is spread out in small monthly payments. The cord that you need to connect DashLink ELD to the ECM of your vehicle is included. We work with you to figure out what type of cord you need after you’ve purchased your DashLink.

Q: How can I cut down on my wasted time at loading and unloading docks that impact my on duty time on my 14 hour day?
A: There’s no way to cut down on the wasted time when you’re waiting at the dock. But, you can use the Check In option which does a GPS pinpoint and time and date stamp. This allows for more accurate payment of waiting time. Eventually, this will help convince shippers to be more efficient because they’re paying more money for these wait times.

Q: How far do you have to drive until you have to fill out a logbook?
A: If you are a local driver who only drives within a 100 air mile radius of your starting point, you don’t currently need to keep paper logs and therefore won’t need to have an ELD installed. You can continue to track your hours using a time sheet or card. This also applies to non-CDL freight drivers who drive within a 150-air mile radius of their starting location.

Q: Can I use a free version forever?
A: Yes, you can use the free version forever! However, it’s very important to know that the BigRoad Mobile App is an electronic logbook – NOT an ELD. It makes logging your hours-of-service much easier, but it’s not an engine-connected device. This means that the Mobile App alone is NOT compliant with the upcoming ELD mandate. It must be paired with our engine-connected DashLink ELD, which is available for purchase with a small monthly fee.

If you are exempt from the ELD mandate, you can continue to use the BigRoad Mobile App only to track your hours-of-service.

Q: Is the 150 air mile radius exemption still in effect without the ELD mandate? Or will it be mandatory for these drivers to use an ELD as well?
A: I hope this webinar helped to answer your question! Yes, the ELD mandate still has the 150 air mile radius exemption for non-CDL drivers. For CDL drivers, the exemption only covers a 100 air mile radius. If you’re a non-CDL driver, as long as you’re not driving for more than a 150 air mile radius from your starting location, you will not need to run an ELD.

We sometimes recommend that drivers who qualify for this exemption get an ELD anyway, just to be safe. This way, if for some reason you do need to drive for more than 150 air miles from your starting location, you’re covered – and can keep driving with your ELD. Otherwise, you literally wouldn’t be able to drive any further, which would end up costing you money.

Q: We deliver petroleum products. Are we exempt?
A: At this point, there are no exemptions for petroleum carriers, meaning that you will need ELDs unless you qualify for one of the other exemptions.

Q: How can we know what to follow regarding ELDs when the law hasn’t been finalized in Canada yet? What do I follow if I only run in Canada?
A: Currently, the ELD mandate is not in effect in Canada. This means that if you only drive in Canada, you don’t need to run an ELD. However, if you’re a Canadian-based company but you drive through the US, you will need to run an ELD when you’re in the US.

As we mentioned in this webinar, it looks like the mandate will be coming to Canada soon, so it’s worth looking into ELD solutions now.

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