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Webinar Recap: Ready – Set – Transition

Webinar Recap of Ready - Set - Transition held on September 25, 2017The ELD mandate deadline is fast approaching! Help your fleet get ready by learning more about ELDs and how to create a transition plan by watching a recording of our recent webinar, Ready-Set-Transition

Webinar Recap

Find out how to create your fleet’s transition plan by clicking the image below to watch a recording of the webinar we held on September 25, 2017.

Questions & Answers

Q. Is this system FMCSA compliant and registered?
BigRoad’s DashLink ELD is certified on the list of the FMCSA’s registered ELDs and it is compliant with the FMCSA’s ELD and hours-of-service (HOS) regulations.

Q. When will the law change for all trucks to have eLogs?
A.We cannot speculate if or when the FMCSA will update its regulations to require all drivers to have eLogs. However, we will keep you posted of any new developments via our social media channels, newsletters, and blog. 

As of right now, you will be required to run an ELD unless you qualify for one of the following exemptions:

  • Drivers who drive less than 8 days in a 30 day period
  • Short haul drivers who do not drive outside of a 100 air-mile radius from their home office
  • Drivers who are not required to keep RODS
  • Drivers who are a part of a driveaway-towaway operation
  • Drivers who are driving a vehicle older than 2000 (based on the VIN)

The use of eLogs, or electronic logs, is a choice by the driver. Currently, you can use paper, eLogs, or an automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD) until December 18, 2017.

Q. I am looking for more information about the updates to the mandate. Falling behind on regulations is not an option.
A. We have a lot of information and resources on the ELD mandate on our website and our BigRoad Blog. Be sure to browse for our blog or sign up for our newsletter for the latest industry news.

Q. I need to know the price for one truck only and if you have support in Spanish?  
If you are an owner-operator with one power unit, the cost is $19.50 per month. However, 1-2 truck fleets that purchase our DashLink ELD before October 31, 2017, will receive an additional 3 months for FREE on a one year contact. With both promotions combined, you could pay as little as $15.60 a month, making our ELD solution one of the most affordable on the market.

Also, we are happy to share that we have support in both French and Spanish.

Q. How does DashLink transition between Canadian and American hour-of-service (HOS) rules? For example, when drivers are crossing the border several times per day/week?
Our DashLink ELD can easily support both Canadian and American hours-of-service rules. Your drivers can toggle between the different HOS rule sets within the app by selecting the appropriate rules based on their location. 

Ease into Engine-Connected Logging with AOBRDs  

Make your fleet’s transition to engine-connected logging a smooth one by switching to AOBRDs before December 18, 2017. Our DashLink ELD can be used as an AOBRD, allowing your fleet to qualify for the AOBRD grandfather clause if the devices are implemented before the mandate deadline. Even better, you decide when you want to run in full ELD compliance with a simple software download. Learn more by requesting a demo!