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Webinar Recap: I’ll need to see those logs printed

Printing logs, it is the biggest concern among drivers using electronic logs. There is still a lot of confusion about when you have to print and the difference between electronic logbooks and AOBRDs, and which require you to print.

To help answer some of the questions surrounding printing driver logs, BigRoad’s Debbie Fapo hosted the webinar I’ll Need to See Those Logs Printed. Below is a recording of the webinar followed by the questions we received in the Q&A session. If you have additional questions, check out our FAQ.


Below you will find the answers to the questions that we didn’t have time to answer during the webinar.

Will I have to keep a printed copy in company’s driver file for in house inspections?

No, you can maintain the logs in digital form. You can print the logs when asked in an audit.

When you are editing a logbook, is there any legislation for when the editing takes place?

When editing a non-engine connected logbook this should take place as soon as the mistake is noticed and once it is safe for the driver to do so. If the edit isn’t made quickly and the driver is inspected it could result in a citation. For AOBRD systems the FMCSA has issued a pdf guideline for editing.

What are the recommended printers to be used with an Android device?

We recommend the HP Officejet 100 Mobile Printer and the Epson XP-410. These printers offer great connectivity with mobile devices letting you easily print. Of course there are hundreds of other options for mobile printers out there. Some issues you will need to explore before making your decision are:

  • Support of Android or iOS printing
  • Size factor
  • Price
  • Print speed
  • Battery or AC powered. 

We stay with 100km of our base. Can we request to go back to office and print the last 14 days? 

In Canada, if you are operating within 160 km of your home terminal and you return at the end of each day you are likely exempt from keeping logs. There are similar exemptions in the United States mostly for if you are driving within a 100 air-mile radius.

Looking at reality, most drivers will be asked to print a log (maybe) once a year. What are the odds of the recommended printers being readily functional (easily connected to) when printing is required?

This is a concern, no one wants to be fully ready with a printer but then find that it won’t print. We recommend that drivers occasionally test their printers and keep extra ink with the printer to be sure they haven’t dried out.

Can you still print your past logs even past the 14 days available on the phone?

Yes, these logs are available from our web app at You can log into your account and print your logs.

Is this driver card just available for DashLink or can it be used for big road app as well?

We have two driver cards, one for our BigRoad App without engine connection, and one for BigRoad with DashLink connection.

Is it possible for a driver to beat the AOBRD system by not being logged into the device? Will the device detect unassigned driving/mileage?

While there will always be drivers who try to beat the system. Our engine connected version of the device will track through the vehicles ECM if there have been miles driven that are unaccounted for.

Is DashLink compatible with iPhone now?

Currently, DashLink is only available for Android devices. Our iPhone version of the device is currently in production and should be available soon.

If DashLink is used, then printers are not needed?

Correct, if using an AOBRD as defined by FMCSA regulation 395.15, such as BigRoad’s DashLink, you will not have to print your logs.

How much is the DashLink?

DashLink units cost $10/month, this with a BigRoad fleet price of $15/month/per driver equates to around $25 a month for a driver to use an AOBRD. 

How does the app account for driving in an area where there is little to no signal?

If your device loses signal while driving it continues to work and create your logs. The data won’t be sent to the web app until the device regains service.

How are edits made with the DashLink connection?

Edits to Off Duty and Non-Driving time will be editable through the app or web app similarly to when not using DashLink. Because drive time is recorded directly from the engine drivers will not be able to edit drive time from the app. Currently, a fleet admin will have to make any changes to drive time with an original copy of the log being retained for legal purposes.

Even though they still have electronic signature do they still require the printer?

Yes. The electronic signature in BigRoad allows you to not have to keep printed copies of your previous logs in the cab with you. It doesn’t mean that an inspector won’t ask you to print.

Do you have to have a printer physically in truck? Can’t I send them to the inspection station?

Unfortunately, since there are many situations where an office may not have access to internet or fax, the only way to be certain you will be able to comply is to keep a printer in your cab.

Can we fax our logs to a DOT official asking for our logs and is this legal?

Yes, as long as the inspector is willing to let you, this is a legal way to present your logs.

Can more than one driver sign into a DashLink unit?

Yes, different drivers can use their device to connect to a DashLink unit by signing into their BigRoad account and signing into the truck with the device. 

During an inspection, can the officer require you to print more than the previous 7 in the US or 14 days in Canada?

No, you are only required to show the same number of logs as you would with any other log form. In the US this is the current day and previous 7 days, in Canada the current day and previous 14 days.

Can you be specific on what states are mandatory to print logs on site/on demand?

While the actual amount of times you will be asked to print is going to vary from state to state it is a federal law, so you may be asked in every state. The one state that you are almost certain to be asked to print is Missouri.

Can’t we just send them with a blank HOS log sheet and let them copy info from BigRoad if inspector wants to see a paper log?

Unfortunately no, while some officers will let drivers copy out their logs onto paper by hand they can require you to print from your actual log.

Do we need printers in our trucks if we are not connected to the ECM?

Yes, this is the easiest way to remember if you will need to print logs. If you connect to the ECM you don’t need a printer. If you aren’t connected to the ECM, you need a printer.

Has the FED decided whether or not they will continue to want drivers to have the ability to print their RODS when asked for while on the road…or just have the capability to email at a moments notice to a State Trooper or DOT Officer?

We are still waiting to hear about the ELD mandate. If this mandate is published it will eliminate the need for a printer in the cab because everyone will be using engine connected logs.

How can you print from a phone App such as BigRoad and is it a legal log and recognized by the DOT and FMSCA?

You can print logs from the edit or inspect logs screens of the app. In order to print you will need a printer that can connect wirelessly to your phone. Yes the logs are fully legal.

How do you print multiple logs and how do you submit multiple logs to others?  

When you use the inspect logs feature in the app you will print/email the total number of logs required for an inspection in your jurisdiction. You can also use the web app to select a date range for printing logs.

 What types of printers are acceptable? 

So long as it can print your logs properly, any printer will be acceptable.

 If we switch to DashLink, will it bypass the need for the printer? 

Yes, since DashLink is an AOBRD you will not need a printer using DashLink

The regulation says a driver must be given reasonable opportunity & time to produce a printed copy, what is a reasonable amount of time?

Unfortunately, this isn’t fully defined. In general as long as you have the printer and don’t purposefully take a long time you should be fine. Being polite and cooperative is always going to

Why does a driver need to print a log in the 21st century? 

Laws don’t always keep up with technology. In this situation, the rule is still in the books and can be used by law enforcement.

Will individual states have separate laws related to electronic logs and printing of e-logs?

The laws regulating electronic logs are federal laws, however how states choses to enforce those laws within the regulations can vary.

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