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Webinar Recap: How to Optimize Your Fleet’s Operations With ELDs

Webinar Recap - Optimize Operations with ELDsGet the most out of your fleet’s transition to electronic logging devices (ELDs) by watching a recording of our recent webinar, How to Optimize Your Fleet’s Operations with ELDs.

Webinar Recap

Learn more about how electronic logging devices (ELDs) can save your fleet time and money by clicking the image below to watch a recording of the webinar we held on October 25, 2017. 

Questions & Answers

Q. Can we utilize the DashLink ELD for IFTA mileage?
Our DashLink ELD send information to the the BigRoad Web App. From here, you’re able to run reports to generate information for your IFTA reporting. 

Q. Does BigRoad have AOBRDs?
DashLink ELD can be used as an automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD) if it is purchased and installed in your truck before December 18, 2017. Installing DashLink before the mandate deadline allows you to qualify for the AOBRD grandfather clause. This means that you can continue using DashLink as an AOBRD for additional two years – taking you to December 16, 2019. During this two year period, you can choose to move to an ELD with a simple software download.

If you install DashLink ELD after the mandate deadline (December 18, 2017), you must use it as an ELD. You will no longer qualify for the AOBRD grandfather clause. You cannot purchase an AOBRD after this date.

Get ELD Mandate Ready   
The ELD mandate is right around the corner. Get your fleet on the road to compliance with our DashLink ELD. Our afforable, easy-to-use device syncs with our popular BigRoad Mobile App via BlueTooth to simplify the logging process for your drivers. Even better, fleets that purchase their DashLinks upfront for the year get an extra 3 months free! Learn more by requesting a demo!