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Webinar Recap: How Do I Team Drive With BigRoad?

How Do I Team Drive with BigRoadSome drivers choose to work together and drive as a team in order to cover more ground and deliver loads faster. BigRoad easily accommodates team driving with a few easy steps. Read this blog post and watch a recording of our How Do I Team Drive With BigRoad? webinar

Webinar Recap – Watch The Recording!

Click the image below to access a recording of our webinar – How Do I Team Drive With BigRoad? – that was held on February 13, 2018:

Questions & Answers

Q. What is team driving?
A: Team driving is when two drivers opt to drive one vehicle together. This allows them to each use their available drive time to get the vehicle where it needs to go – and fast. When one driver goes off-duty, the other can take over and drive. This means that the vehicle is constantly in motion. Team driving has become popular because it gets loads delivered faster.

Q: How do I use team driving with BigRoad?
The BigRoad Mobile App allows you to easily add a co-driver to your logs. We wrote a helpful how-to document about team driving that you can access here for more details.

Q: Is it possible to show two drivers driving at the same time?
A: No. When you use team driving with BigRoad, only one driver will be shown as driving at a time. Each driver will login to their account when they first start to drive and then logout when they go off duty.

Get Loads Delivered Faster With BigRoad

The BigRoad Mobile App and DashLink ELD allow you to easily take advantage of team driving and get loads delivered faster. Our solution is simple, affordable, and flexible. Request a free demo today to learn more!