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Webinar Recap: How Can ELDs Make My Job Easier?

Webinar Recap: How Can ELDs Make My Job Easier?Electronic logging devices (ELDs) will play an important role in making your daily life easier. They simplify the logging process and automatically record some data for you so that you can focus on driving. Watch the webinar recording to find out more!

Webinar Recap – Watch The Recording!

During this webinar, we discussed what you can expect when transitioning to ELDs and how they can improve daily operations. Click the image below to access a recording of our webinar – How Can ELDs Make My Job Easier? – that was held on November 29, 2017:

Questions & Answers

Q. If the mechanic moves the truck, how does this affect logging? How can I tell if I am using an AOBRD? I did not see a personal conveyance on my iPad when using the BigRoad Mobile App. Where would that be? 
A: If the mechanic moves your truck, it will show up as missing miles. The next time you connect, you’ll see a little yellow note saying ‘missing miles’. You can make a note that these miles were driven by the mechanic.

Currently, DashLink is running as an AOBRD. If you would like to transition to ELDs – it will be really easy – just a simple software update. If you’re running an AOBRD you can continue to do so until December 16, 2019 before having to fully transition to an ELD. We’re recommending that customers run an AOBRD for as long as possible because AOBRDs offer you more flexibility than ELDs.

You must enable personal conveyance in the Fleet Settings page in the BigRoad Web App. You can check it off as an option here. Once you’ve done this, you will then see Personal Conveyance as an option in your Status circle in the BigRoad Mobile App.  

Q: Can a DOT officer download records/logs from the BigRoad Mobile App and DashLink while the driver is out on the road?  
A: You can send your logs to the officer right from the BigRoad Mobile App. When you hit Inspect Logs you will see an option to Inspect On Screen or Send/Print Logs. If you choose Send/Print Logs, you will then have the option to either email, fax, or print your logs.

Q: How can edit my AOBRD logs if I make a mistake?
A: You can edit On-Duty and Off-Duty time as long as the change you want to make doesn’t interfere with the driving event. If you need to edit drive time it can be done by the supervisor. 

Q: How do we incorporate this new ELD with our local trucks? I have trucks that run local but occasionally go outside the 100 mile radius.
A: If you’re occasionally exempt, you will still need to have an ELD in your truck for those instances when you’re driving and not exempt. It’s better to be safe than sorry: you’ll want to ensure that you’re always covered and not driving in violation of the mandate. For example: let’s say that you typically qualify for the 100 air mile radius, but today you’re driving outside of that – you’ll want to have an ELD available that you can use for this day. BigRoad is awesome because you can use the BigRoad Mobile App most of the time to track your hours-of-service and have our DashLink ELD handy to plug in when you need to use an ELD.

Q: What happens with the ELD if the cellular network does not work?
A: Even if you lose your cell signal, DashLink will keep tracking you via satellite. It just uses the cellular connection to show your actual location on a map and show the tracking lines on the trip sheet. Cellular connection is also used to upload data to our web server every few seconds as you drive, which keeps the BigRoad Web App up to date in real time.

If your cellular connection drops, your log data won’t be uploaded to the server until internet connection is restored. The only real change that you’ll notice is that the Mobile App won’t autofill your location on your individual events. You will have to enter location manually. You can still show your logs if you’re pulled over for an inspection, even if you have no internet connection!

What changes will your fleet manager notice? They won’t be able to see your up-to-date logs and location on the BigRoad Web App until you get internet connection again. You won’t lose any data – you just have to wait for internet connection to be restored and then your up-to-date data will be pushed over to the Web App.

But, very important: do NOT sign out of the Mobile App or change your password until internet connection is restored! If you do, whatever changes you made since you last had internet connection will be gone because the data hasn’t been sent over to the server yet. You will ONLY lose those changes though – not all of your logs.

For example: say you lost internet connection between 8:30am and 9:30am and signed out of the BigRoad Mobile App at 9:30am before getting internet connection again – you will lose your logs recorded between 8:30am and 9:30am. That’s all.

BigRoad Makes Compliance Easy

Our DashLink ELD is the most simple, affordable, and flexible solution on the market. Plus, we were recently chosen as the #1 ELD provider by Frost & Sullivan – a leading business consulting firm! Book a free demo today to see our solution in action.