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Webinar Recap: Hours-of-Service and ELDs; What’s New?

HOS and ELDs; What's New?With the introduction of electronic logging devices (ELDs), the way you record and present your hours-of-service (HOS) information has changed! Watch this webinar recap to learn about these differences, as well as some proposed changes to the HOS rules and regulations that have come as a result of the ELD mandate. 

Webinar Recap – Watch The Recording!

During this webinar, we discussed how HOS rules and regulations are tracked using ELDs, some proposed changes to the rules, and some of the benefits ELDs have had on HOS compliance. 

Click the image below to access a recording of our Hours-of-Service and ELDs; What’s New? webinar that was held on January 30, 2018:

Questions & Answers

Q. How does the ELD mandate impact short-haul drivers (those driving within a 100 air-mile radius of their starting location)?
A. Short-haul drivers who never drive more than 100 air-miles from their starting location are not required to keep a record of duty status (RODS). They are exempt from the ELD mandate and do not need to use an ELD. However, if they drive outside of the short-haul classification more than 8 times in a rolling 30-day period, they will need to log those days using an ELD. Here is a link to a previous blog we wrote about ELD exemptions.

Q. How do I keep up with recap hours?
A. We track your recap hours for you, accessible from the BigRoad Mobile App, so that you can see when your cycle hours will drop off. If you have further questions about how to use this feature, please reach out to our Support Team by calling 1-888-305-8777 x 1 or by emailing [email protected].

Q. Does a 1-2 truck company need to have an ELD?
A. Yes. There are no exemptions based on the size of the operation. If you are currently required to keep logs, and don’t qualify for any ELD mandate exemptions, you will need to run with an ELD.  

Q. How can you edit your logbook information, such as odometer reading, location, or drive time with an ELD?
A. Under the ELD mandate, you cannot make changes to your logs once they’ve been recorded. Drivers are able to make annotations to any recorded event that was done in error.

Q. Is it possible to have two drivers showing driving at the same time in a team vehicle?
A. What you’re talking about is team driving – which BigRoad supports! We’ve got a complete guide to walk you through how to do this (this with pictures) that you can access by clicking here.

Q. What is the cost to get started?
A. You can see our pricing information by clicking here. Right now we are also offering a promotion that will get you 3 additional months of service for free when you pay for one-year term upfront. That works out to 15 months for the price of 12! 

Q. When you cross border to Canada at 14 hours and the US has an 11 hour limit, how many hours can you still work and drive?
A. If you’re crossing from Canada into the US and you’re at 14 hours of drive time – you’re over your drive time in the US. Legally you should not be driving anymore. When you cross, you need to start following the rules of that country, meaning you need to be under your 11 hours if entering the US. You need to make sure you plan ahead for any border crossings so you don’t get stuck.

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