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Webinar Recap: Gearing Up For The ELD Mandate

Webinar Recap -  gearing up for the eld mandate.pngThe ELD mandate is fast approaching! Is your fleet ready to make the transition from paper logs to electronic logging devices? Find out what you need to know about the ELD mandate, ELDs, and more by watching a recording of our recent webinar, Gearing Up for the ELD Mandate

Webinar Recap

Learn more about how electronic logging devices will impact log editing, safety scores, and your fleet’s operations by clicking the image below to watch a recording of the webinar we held on June 26, 2017.

Questions & Answers

Q. How will the ELD Mandate impact exempt drivers? Will they need to start using an exempt logbook to prove their hours-of-service (HOS)?
A. The ELD mandate should not have an impact on exempt drivers. They can continue tracking their hours as they had before the ELD mandate. If exempt drivers do need to keep records of duty status (RODs), we suggest downloading our free electronic logbook, the BigRoad Mobile App. Within a few taps, our app helps your drivers create clean, easy-to-read logs. Plus, it instantly notifies your drivers if they made an potential error or violation, helping them run in compliance with the FMCSA’s HOS rules and regulations. You can also continue to use paper logs. 

Q.How will this affect hot shot drivers/companies?
A. As a rule of thumb, if you’re currently required to keep RODs – you’re going to need an ELD, unless you qualify for an exemption. Hot shot drivers are not exempt from the ELD mandate. Also, we offer a JBUS/OBD 2 pin cable which allows you to use our DashLink ELD in a pick-up truck, enabling you to become ELD compliant.

Q.What are the exemptions for the ELD mandate?
A. There are 5 exemptions allowed in the ELD mandate. The following drivers qualify for an exemption:

  • Short haul drivers who do not drive outside a 100 air-mile radius from their home office
  • Drivers who do not keep RODs
  • Drivers who do not log more than 8 days in a given 30 day period.
  • Drivers who are driving a vehicle that is a part of a driveaway-towaway operation
  • And drivers who are driving a vehicle manufactured before 2000.

Q. Is the Canadian goverment mandating ELDs? Are ELDs legal for Canadian use?
The Canadian government is currently in the process of drafting their own version of the ELD mandate. However, they have not announced any formal timelines or dates. We’ll keep you posted on any developments on our BigRoad Blog, in our newsletter, and on our social media channels. Also, ELDs are legal to use in Canada so long as you are following Canadian hours-of-service rules. Our device is certified by the FMCSA and is also a certified AOBRD.

Q. How does the BigRoad system present the previous 7 days and today in a roadside inspection?
A. The BigRoad Mobile App has an inspection mode that allows inspectors to see your logs. They are displayed in a simple, clean manner. Inspectors can flip through your logs without being able to see any personal information. Moreover, our app does not give inspectors any indication of potential violations. It is up to the DOT officer to find any errors. We also offer a 14 day plus today for Canadian drivers in an inspection mode.

Q. Demonstrate the difference between an AOBRD and an ELD in your platform.
Our DashLink ELD can be used as an AOBRD if implemented before December 18, 2017. It will record and display less data than an ELD would. When your fleet is ready to transition to ELDs, DashLink is easily upgraded to an ELD with a simple, software download.  

For an in-depth demonstration of how our device works as an AOBRD vs an ELD, I recommend requesting a demo. One of our Sales Reps would be happy to walk you through our solution and can personalize the demo to fit your fleet’s needs.

Q. What is the latest date of order that you guarantee the delivery in order to be in compliance?
A. The ELD mandate deadline is December 18, 2017. We recommend ordering DashLink sooner than later to give you and your drivers time to get used to the device and the new way of logging. Ordering sooner also ensures that your fleet qualifies for the AOBRD grandfather clause. Waiting until the last minute could mean that your fleet may have to transition directly to electronic logging devices, giving your drivers less time to learn the new rules and technology.  

Get on the Road to ELD Compliance with BigRoad! 

Ease your drivers into engine-connected logging with our afforadable, easy-to-use DashLink ELD. Our simple plug-and-play device installs within minutes, with no expensive installation required. Even better, DashLink can be used as an AOBRD if implemented before December 18, 2017. Learn more by requesting a demo!