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Webinar Recap: ELDs Explained!

ELDs Explained!.pngCurious about how electronic logging devices will affect your fleet’s operations? Confused by the misconceptions surrounding ELDs? Find out what you need to know by watching a recording of our recent webinar, Electronic Logging Devices Explained! 

Webinar Recap

Learn more about the mandate and what electronic logging devices record by clicking on the image below to watch a recording of the webinar we held on August 21, 2017.

Questions & Answers

Q. Do you foresee driveaway/towaway transport needing to use ELDs in the future?
Currently, drivers who are part of a driveway-towaway operation and are driving a vehicle that is empty and for lease, sale, or repair qualify for an exemption. However, we can’t speculate whether the FMCSA will change this exemption. However, we will keep customers posted on any developments on our blog, social media channels, and in our monthly newsletter. 

Q. Who will have access to driver logs and who can make edits?
A. The only people who can access your drivers’ logs are those who you grant permission to in your fleet. Government officials do not have access unless you have given them access during an inspection or audit.

With ELDs, drivers can make limited edits to their logs. Once submitted, fleet administrators can make edits to correct or add missing information. Afterwards, the driver must review and verify the changes made to their log. Please note that ELDs will not allow recorded drive times to be edited. Also, ELDs keep a copy of the original log and the updated log to display during roadside inspections. They also record who, why, and when the edits were made.

Q. Define the short haul exemption rule and how a driver should handle going outside the 100 air mile radius once or twice?
A. The short haul exemption is for drivers who drive within a 100 air mile radius of their home office. The moment they drive outside that 100 air mile radius, your drivers will need an electronic logging device to be compliant with the ELD mandate.

Q. Can we monitor drivers from the BigRoad Mobile App on our cell phone?
A. The BigRoad Mobile App is our electronic logbook. It syncs with our DashLink ELD to become an ELD compliant solution. It does not monitor drivers.

The BigRoad Web App allows you to track your drivers’ locations and hours-of-service compliance. You’ll also have instant access to your drivers’ logs. The BigRoad Web App is only available on a computer.

Q. Can companies that are taking advantage of the AOBRD ‘grandfather’ clause until 2019 conduct business as usual or do their exisitng ABORDs have to comply with new requirements?   
A. Fleets that have purchased AOBRDs compliant with section 395.15 and installed them before the mandate deadline of December 18, 2017 can continue using them until December 16, 2019. After this date, all drivers and fleets using AOBRDs must transition to ELDs. 

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