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Webinar Recap: ELD Mandate – Am I Exempt?

Webinar Recap blog post: ELD Mandate - Am I Exempt?Many of our customers are wondering if they’ll be exempt from the upcoming ELD mandate. Find out if you qualify for an exemption by watching a recording of our recent webinar, ELD Mandate: Am I Exempt? 

Webinar Recap

Exemptions to the ELD mandate can be tricky. It’s very important to be 100% sure that you qualify for an exemption before deciding to not purchase an ELD. Watch a recording of the webinar we held on August 30, 2017 – ELD Mandate: Am I Exempt? – to learn more! 

 Questions & Answers
Q: Does the ELD mandate apply to Canadian companies?
A: The Canadian government has written up their proposed ELD mandate and provided it to stakeholders, like BigRoad, for review. It looks like the implementation deadline will be the end of 2017 – however, no formal timeline has been approved. It’s worth noting that the Canadian government has said that they will follow a similar implementation timeline and exemption rules as the US has. We’ll keep you updated on the status of the Canadian ELD mandate through our BigRoad Blog, social media channels, and monthly newsletter

If you’re a Canadian driver who will be driving in the US – you will need an ELD for the driving that you do in the US. You need to comply with all US rules including the ELD mandate. We recommend running an ELD while in the US and in Canada to keep things simple. Otherwise, you end up running two systems (paper logs or eLogs in Canada, and an ELD in the US), which can get confusing.

Q: I am a hotshot owner-operator. I only have 1 truck and a 140 foot gooseneck trailer. Do I have to use an ELD?
A: If you don’t qualify for one of the exemptions that we mentioned during this webinar, then you will need to use an ELD. If you call our Support Team with additional information, they can give you more details. You can reach them at 1-888-305-8777 ext. 1.

Q: If a driver goes into a substitute trailer, can he/she take the ELD from their permanent trailer to use?
A: Yes, you can take your ELD into another truck with you. Because DashLink just plugs into the ECM of your vehicle, it’s very easy to move. You can unplug it from one truck and move it to another, and then switch trucks on the BigRoad Mobile App so that it knows which one you’re in. You will just need to make sure that you have the correct cord/pin type for the other vehicle.

Q: If I’m just using the BigRoad Mobile App, does that qualify for the exemption or do you need the plug in device to qualify?
A: The BigRoad Mobile App is an eLog, which basically replaces paper logs. Although this makes daily logging easier for you, it’s not ELD compliant alone. The ELD mandate requires that you use an engine-connected device, which the BigRoad Mobile App is not. In order to be compliant, you will need our DashLink ELD, which is an engine-connected device that is certified by the FMCSA. The benefit of getting our DashLink is that there’s basically no learning curve for you – you’re already familiar with the BigRoad Mobile App and DashLink integrates seamlessly with it.

Q:  My truck is a glider kit with a 2012 body and 1999 engine. Do I need an ELD?
A: One exemption is for trucks with engines that are 1999 and older. Under the ELD mandate, you qualify for this exemption if your engine was manufactured in 1999 or earlier, meaning that you don’t need to install an ELD in your truck.

Q: Under the 8 in 30 day ELD exemption, must the 8 days of paper logs be consecutive? May a driver use Big Road to record Off Duty logs to supplement his paper logs?
A: No, they don’t have to be 8 consecutive day – just 8 days in a rolling 30 day period. If the driver goes over these 8 days, they will need to use an ELD. If keeping paper logs for the time that they’re exempt, you can definitely do this on BigRoad – just using the electronic logbook (BigRoad Mobile App) and not ELD.

We recommend that drivers who qualify for this exemption get an ELD anyway, just to be safe. This way, if for some reason you do need to drive for more than 8 days in a 30 day period, you’re covered – and can keep driving with your ELD starting on day 9. Otherwise, you literally wouldn’t be able to drive for that 9th day, which would end up costing you money.

Q: We deliver petroleum products. Are we exempt?
A: At this point, there are no exemptions for petroleum carriers, meaning that you will need ELDs unless you qualify for one of the other exemptions.

Q: We have a local driver that does not require a med card and he stays within 100 air miles. From my understanding, he doesn’t need to complete logs. So does he need an ELD?
A: Drivers who aren’t currently required to keep a record-of-duty (RODS) status will not be required to use an ELD. So no, it sounds like your driver won’t need one!

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