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Webinar Recap: CSA. SMS. BASICS. Oh My!

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Have questions about the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) program? Check our a recap of our CSA. SMS. BASICS. Oh My! webinar from earlier this week for the answers!

Webinar Recap

On Tuesday, December 6 we held out CSA. SMS. BASICS. Oh My! webinar to help drivers better understand the fundaments of the CSA program including the Safety Management System (SMS) and the seven Behaviour Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs). Watch the recording below to learn more.


Questions & Answers

Q. We are a small elecronic contractor. We only have one truck that requires a CDL and four drivers who have their CDLs. Is our company required to have an ELD? We’re not a fleet or trucking company. I do most of the CDL driving and I only drove 10 hours for the month of November.
If you’re not currently required to keep logs, you likely do not need an ELD. Based on the nature of your business, you’ll likely qualify for a couple of the ELD mandate exemptions (if you’re even required to keep logs). Take a look at the short-haul (100 air-mile radius) and 30 day 8 hour exemptions. 

Q. How does DashLink work with Bluetooth?
The BigRoad DashLink ELD hardware connects to the ECM of your vehicle and automatically tracks movement and events. From here, the information is sent via Bluetooth to a table or cell phone that running the BigRoad Mobile App. You need to have Bluetooth enabled on your device for this to work. 

Q. Why are electronic logs better than paper when it comes to CSA compliance?
You put yourself at a lot of risk when using paper logs. You’re more susceptible to errors, wrong calculations, running outside of your available time, and general forgetfulness. Electronic logs do everything for you including calculations, notifications of errors, informing you when you need to take your break, and much more! With form and manner errors being one of the top roadside violations, it makes sense to get off of paper and onto electronic logs.

Get on the Path to Compliance

Let BigRoad help you take control of your CSA compliance! Get off of paper logs and onto the BigRoad Mobile App or DashLink ELD! Request a demo today to see how easy compliance can be with us!