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Webinar Recap: Creating a Culture of Compliance and Safety With ELDs

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Looking to improve your fleet’s compliance with hours-of-service (HOS) regulations? Find out how electronic logging devices (ELDs) can help improve your fleet’s safety score by watching a recording of our webinar, Creating a Culture of Compliance and Safety with ELDs

Webinar Recap

Learn tips and strategies to improve your fleet’s HOS compliance by clicking the image below to watch a recording of the webinar we held on April 26, 2017.

Questions & Answers

Q. Does the BigRoad system allow for yard moves and personal conveyance?
With BigRoad, your fleet manager can decide whether or not they want to allow their drivers to use personal conveyance or yard move. Your fleet manager just needs to enable this functionality from the BigRoad Web App. If you do allow your drivers to use either one, remind them to include a quick note explaining why they are using personal conveyance or yard move. This will provide context during an inspection or audit. If an inspector becomes suspicious from your driver’s usage of personal conveyance, they may look at their logs more closely. Also, remember drivers they should not use personal conveyance if their vehicle is still laden. 

Q. Who can edit a log with an ELD?
Drivers can only edit non-driving related duty statuses. Automatically recorded drive times cannot be edited – only annotated. This is a requirement of the electronic logging device mandate. Once a driver has submitted their log, fleet managers or back office staff can make limited edits to correct mistakes or add missing information. If office staff make an edit, the driver must verify the change to their log before it is shown.

When using an ELD, remember that  all edits will be visible to roadside inspectors. Electronic logging devices keep both records: the original copy and the edited, updated copy. ELDs also keep a record of who made the edit, when the edit was made, and why the log was changed. 

Protect Your Safety Score with Help from BigRoad! 

Improve and protect your safety score with BigRoad’s DashLink ELD. Our affordable, easy-to-use ELD accurately records drive times to create clean, inspection-ready logs. Plus, it syncs with our BigRoad Web App, giving you real-time visibility into driver locations, availability, and compliance. Learn more by requesting a demo today!