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Webinar Recap: All About the ELD Mandate

All About the ELD MandateWith only 4 short months until the ELD mandate, drivers and fleets still have a lot of questions about what exactly is being mandated, why these rules are being put in place, and how they will be impacted by them. In this webinar, we simplify the ELD rules and regulations and give you the information you need to achieve compliance. 

Webinar Recap – Watch The Recording!

During this webinar, we simplified the ELD mandate – which is over 500 pages long! We highlighted the essential information that owner-operators need to know in order to comply. 

Click the image below to access a recording of our All About the ELD Mandate webinar that was held on August 9, 2017:

Questions & Answers

Q. What are your smartphone/tablet requirements?
Our DashLink ELD is a bring-your-own-device solution. It simply plugs into your vehicle’s ECM and connects with your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. It will pair with Apple or Android devices (cell phones and tablets), and work with whatever data plan you have from your service provider. 

Q. How many drivers does an operation need to have in order to be required to comply with the ELD mandate?
A. There is no rule based on fleet size, nor exemption based on being a single-truck operation or owner-operator. No matter how many drivers are in your organization, if you are currently required to keep records of duty status (RODS), then you will likely need to run an ELD. There are a few exemptions to the ELD rule, which you can view here

Q. If I’m signed up with BigRoad’s DashLink before the mandate deadline, will I be able to run it as an AOBRD until 2019? Will there be any additional cost?
A. Under the ELD mandate, an AOBRD that is in use before the December 18, 2017 deadline is “grandfathered” in and can be used until December 16, 2019.  If you purchase BigRoad’s DashLink now, it can used as an AOBRD until the extension deadline.

When you are ready to make the move to an ELD (before the December 16, 2019 deadline), it can be done with a simple software update. No new hardware is required, so there will be no additional expense. Once you have DashLink installed you can make this switch anytime – either wait until December 2019, or sooner, depending on your comfort level. To learn about the benefits of using DashLink as an AOBRD, watch the recording of a previous webinar, eLogs, ELDs and AOBRDs; What’s the Difference? Or, check out this blog post

Q. We are exempt from using ELDs based on being a driveaway operation. However, I like the idea of using an ELD to manage and enforce HOS. Is there an option that doesn’t require the device to be connected to the vehicle?
A. Many owner-operators who are exempt from using ELDs actually elect to use them anyway. That’s because of how easy they make their jobs! Most of the logging work is done automatically for them, and using ELDs also reduces violations and cuts back on administrative tasks. However, if you do not want to use an engine-connected solution, but want to find a way to manage HOS, you can get on the BigRoad Mobile App for free. The BigRoad Mobile App takes the guesswork out of logging, and enables you to easily create clean logs while accurately tracking your HOS. If you are looking for some back-end, fleet management functionality, you can pair it with the BigRoad Web App.

How BigRoad Can Help

Are you ready for an ELD compliance solution? Let BigRoad help! Our DashLink ELD is the easiest and most affordable ELD available. Buy a DashLink now and take advantage of that two-year AOBRD extension!