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Webinar Recap: A Look At ELD Trip Sheets

Webinar Recap: A Look At ELD Trip SheetsDon’t be surprised by the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate! Get a sneak peek at what trip sheets will look like when using an AOBRD or ELD by watching a recording of our webinar, A Look At ELD Trip Sheets.

Webinar Recap

Learn how the new electronic logging device (ELD) trip sheets are different from what you’re used to seeing. Click on the image below to watch a recording of the webinar we held on October 30, 2017. 

Click this image to watch a recording of the webinar


Questions & Answers

Q: Will the FMCSA require that the ELDs be connected to the ECM of your vehicle? And will we be able to set our own parameters?
A: Our DashLink ELD plugs into the ECM of your vehicle. This makes it very easy to install, which is important to consider when choosing an ELD. Some providers have devices that must be hardwired into your truck in order to work.

Once DashLink is plugged into the ECM, it will automatically record drive time based on when your engine is running. This means that some of the data you used to have to enter manually will be recorded automatically. One less thing for you to have to worry about each day!

Q: How can an ELD be used by non-daily drivers? Ie: Part time drivers?
A: First, check if your drivers are exempt (they may be eligible for the 8 in 30 day exemption if they don’t drive for more than 8 days in a consecutive 30 day period). If not, they can use DashLink the same way as any driver does. They’ll plug the DashLink into the ECM of their vehicle, log into the BigRoad Mobile App, and they’re good to go. DashLink will sync with the engine to record drive time and send this data over to the BigRoad Mobile App to produce accurate, easy-to-read logs.

Q: Will the Big Road Mobile App be enough or will DashLink also be necessary?
A: The free BigRoad Mobile App is an electronic logbook that makes it easy for drivers to produce clean, inspection ready logs. However, it is NOT an engine connected device. The ELD mandate requires an engine connected device.

In order to be ELD compliant, you can pair the BigRoad Mobile App with our DashLink ELD, which is an engine connected device. Together, they’ll ensure you’re running in compliance with the ELD mandate.

Q: We have only class C vehicles. Do we still have to install ELDs?
A: This is difficult to answer because the class of vehicles varies state by state. As well, class C vehicles have difference licence requirements in different states. As a high level rule of thumb: if your driver is required to have a CDL to drive the vehicle, they likely need a ELD. Give us a call at 1-888-305-8777 ext. 1 to give us more details about your vehicle.

Q: We drive both DOT weight restricted trucks and non-DOT vans (non-log/exempt) throughout week. How do you account for the non-DOT log days in BigRoad?
A: Our DashLink ELD is great for situations like this because of how easy it is to install and use. Basically, when you’re driving a truck that needs an ELD, you just plug DashLink into the ECM of your vehicle, pair it with Bluetooth on your mobile device, and start driving. DashLink will sync with your engine and automatically record drive time based on your engine’s status.

If you’re driving a vehicle that does not require an ELD, just unplug the DashLink. You can still use your BigRoad Mobile App as an electronic logbook to record your hours. This is really nice because all your logs are in one spot, for both drivers who use an ELD and those who don’t.


Q: Can drivers share the same DashLink? 
A: Yes, drivers can share the same DashLink. Each driver will have their own login details which will let them track their hours-of-service (HOS) separately. If you leave DashLink in the truck, drivers can login to their account via the BigRoad Mobile App, choose the truck they’re in, and connect to the DashLink via Bluetooth on their mobile device.


Q: Do we have to demonstrate a set amount of time using an AOBRD before December 18, 2017 in order to take advantage of the grandfather clause?
A:  In order to take advantage of the grandfather clause, you need to have purchased and installed the AOBRD in your vehicle. To prove that it was installed, you’ll likely have to produce AOBRD logs.


Q: What number can we give our drivers for 24/7 support?
A: Our support team is available 24/7! Give us a call at 1-888-305-8777 ext. 1 whenever you need help!


Q: So, DashLink is currently an AOBRD not an ELD, right?
A: DashLink is an AOBRD and an ELD. If you install your DashLink before December 18, 2017 you can run it as an AOBRD for an additional 2-years, taking you until December 2019. When you’re ready, you can ‘turn on’ full ELD ability with a simple software update. It’s entirely up to you! 


Q: When the truck is taken to the shop, the techs will usually need to connect to the ECM of the vehicle. Does the driver just sign out of the BigRoad Mobile App and disconnect the DashLink before turning the truck in to the shop?
A: When the truck is taken to the mechanic we would advise that the driver logs out of the BigRoad Mobile App. There’s no need to unplug the DashLink though as it has a passthrough cable which the mechanic can plug in to.

Get ELD Mandate Ready   
The ELD mandate is less than 50 days away! It’s time to start thinking about your transition to ELDs. BigRoad’s DashLink is simple, flexible, and affordable. Request a free demo to see our solution in action!