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Webinar: Hours of Service and the Transition to Electronic Logging Devices

Join Us December 9 from 1-2 pm EST

Registration for our next webinar, HOS and the Transition to ELDs, is now open.


Following on from our popular classes at the NASTC Annual Conference, we’ve decided to open up the discussion to a wider audience.

aobrdDuring this engaging webinar, we will be discussing the changes to Hours of Service, the future of electronic logs and the mandated shift towards Electronic Logging Devices. Discover what this means to the industry as a whole and how these changes will affect your business. This session features industry experts on the subject; BigRoad’s co-founder Terry Frey, Fleet Safety Services LLC president Jeff Davis and a special guest.

# 1 Industry Concern

Right now Hours of Service are the number concern in the trucking industry. Thankfully, you can gain complete control over your Hours of Service issues with a few simple tools and techniques. And fixing these issues is the easiest way to improve your CSA score!

To learn more, register now to ensure you stay ahead of the proposed changes and stay focused on safety and compliance. This webinar is a must for anyone who wants to know more about the ELD mandate and Hours of Service compliance.

Your Questions Answered

This webinar will also feature a question and answer session to address any concerns you may have. Due to time constraints, we may not be able to answer all questions during the same. You will have the chance to ask questions during the webinar or you can email your questions ahead of time to [email protected] and we will prioritize any questions we receive before the webinar starts.