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Webinar: ELD – The Path to Compliance


In December 2015 the FMCSA started the clock on a 2 year window for ELD compliance. There is still a lot of confusion and concern over what the ELD mandate is going to mean for the average carrier. To help provide a bit more information on the steps you need to take, BigRoad CEO Terry Frey delivered our ELD – The Path to Compliance webinar. Below is a recording of the webinar and the answers to the questions we had. 


How BigRoad Can Help

We have had a lot of questions about how to get ready for the ELD mandate. The first step on your path to ELD compliance is to get you, or your drivers, comfortable using electronic logs. Start your free 30 day trial with BigRoad today.



Questions & Answers

Q. Will electronic log books be enough for the law December 2017 next year?

A. No – A key function of the ELD mandate is that it requires a device that connects to the engine of the vehicle, such as BigRoad’s DashLink.


Q. How are drivers going to handle an ELD if they cross into Mexico?

A. Regardless of what jurisdiction a driver is in they need to make sure they are compliant in that jurisdiction. This means that though a driver in Mexico may not need an ELD, to cross into the U.S. they will. It is recommended that cross border drivers always prepare to be in compliance from the moment they cross the border.


Q. How difficult to switch between standard logging and Non-CDL, short haul exception?

A. BigRoad offers the ability to use a short haul exemption when logging.


Q. How does you’re system work with slip seating?

A. When using BigRoad every driver has their own log in. Once logged in they can choose the particular truck that they will be driving.


Q. How does it works with carriers that use rental trucks?

A. There are a few possibilities we see with rental trucks. First, the rental company may decide to include an ELD as part of the rental. The second possibility is that they allow the driver to bring their own ELD. The best of both worlds would be to offer the ELD if the renter wants it or not supply it if they don’t.


Q. Our drivers biggest concern is loss of actual driving time because of major delays at the port. Will there be a way to identify this port time so it won’t inhibit driving time?

A. Depending on the exact situation, this time is likely going to have to be marked as
On-Duty time or Off-Duty if they have relieved themselves of duty until they are ready to
be loaded. Unfortunately though this won’t eat out of driving time it does eat out of your 14-hour window. This isn’t new to ELD’s and has the same effect as if using a paper log.


Q. What happens when a driver walks away from the phone and the DashLink disconnects?

A. The driver at this point will be put into On-Duty, the phone will automatically reconnect to the DashLink when they return to the truck.


A. Will ELDs be required for smaller vehicles like pickup trucks?

A. If the vehicle hits criteria as a CDL then yes it will require an ELD.


Q. Are drivers required to have a printer if they use the mobile app that is not connected to the truck?

A. Technically yes. However in the last 2 years we have noticed the amount of officer’s requiring this has dropped substantially. There are still some states, Missouri in particular, that will still ask for a printed copy if you are running non-engine connected logs.


Q. We spend several weeks in every city setting up concert production. Once we are in these cities can we use the vehicle for transportation from gig to hotel? 

A. This is referred to as personal conveyance. Generally speaking, if a truck is completely unladden, the driver’s shift is over and not work is being done the the driver can use the vehicle for a small amount of personal conveyance. The ELD will record the drive time as Off-duty Driving which is treated as Off-duty.


Q.How easy is it to switch units from truck to truck?

A. The units are very easy to switch between trucks. Just unplug it from one truck and plug it into the next.


Q. We are already BigRoad users, does that mean I am ready for the ELD mandate?

A. This depends, are you using DashLink? If so, then yes you are ready for ELD! If not you’ll need to contact our sales team to get a DashLink. Call us at 1-888-305-8777.


Q. Our drivers stay within the 100 miles radius most of the time daily, would we need the ELD’s? 

A. No, the ELD mandate allows an exemption for local area drivers. If your drivers to travel outside of the 100 mile radius from time to time then they can use paper logs for up to 8 days in any 30. If there is a period of time when they will be over the road more than 8 in any 30 they will require an ELD.


Q. Which one is mandatory? eLogs or ELD?

A. ELDs are going to be mandatory. E-logs do not include an engine connection so they do not qualify for the mandate. However if you fit an exemption then you can continue to use e-logs.


Q. Is there mileage tracking for fuel taxes?

A. Yes, BigRoad offers the ability to track mileage by driver and by truck and to create detailed reports.


Q. How will these units record time stopped in traffic?

A. Legally this is drive time. With BigRoad if the app notices you have stopped moving it will ask if you have actually stopped. You can say no if you are in traffic.


Q. How will the ELD mandate effect drive away/tow away?

A. Drive away/tow away operations are exempt from ELDs under the mandate.


Q. How do I link to different devices to the same account?

A. Simply log into your account on whatever device you are currently using. However we do recommend you only use a single device for BigRoad at anytime so that your duty status isn’t accidentally changed.


Q. Do I become eligible to follow a different set of driving regulations when switching from one set of rules to another (i.e. US to Canadian) when I cross into a different state / province, or do I have to wait until the shift reset is completed?

A. You have to be compliant in the rule set for whatever jurisdiction you are driving in or federally if you are driving through multiple jurisdictions. So if you travel from the US to Canada you need to be compliant with Canadian rules as soon as you are driving in Canada and vice versa.


Q. Are all companies forced to switch over, or will companies with a small fleet (4 trucks) be exempt? 

A. There is no exemption in the ELD mandate based on size of the fleet. So even single owner-operators will have to comply with the mandate.