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View from the top – Highway Patrol+Semi Trucks

A new trend in highway patrol may start catching on… Trooper Gordon Roberts was part of a new promotion in Tennessee to make the highways safer – a THP promotion to raise awareness about crashes on the highway called “Stay Alive on 75.” “From the cab of a Tennessee Highway Patrol-owned tractor-trailer, he looked down into cars and minivans and smaller trucks, searching for seat belts that rested unbuckled, fingers that tapped text messages and beer can tabs that popped open.” When he sees an offender, Roberts relays the car make and model to a near by trooper who then pull the car over.

Roberts is one of “of 97 troopers statewide who hold a commercial driver’s license that allow them to use a semi truck.” So the next time you feel that driving can take a backseat to texting or other distracting activities, just think about who could be watching…


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