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Updates to the BigRoad Mobile App Lock Screen

We’ve recently updated the BigRoad Mobile App and have included some changes to the lock screen. These changes will impact what you can edit in the app while you’re driving. Read this blog post to learn more!

Updates to the BigRoad Mobile App Lock ScreenChanges to the BigRoad Mobile App Lock Screen
In our most recent update to the BigRoad Mobile App, we implemented a safety lock-out to prevent editing of drivers’ hours-of-service (HOS) data while they’re at the wheel. When motion is detected while operating a DashLink-equipped vehicle, the BigRoad Mobile App will lock out the driver’s ability to view and edit their logs and will automatically return the driver to the main dashboard of the application.

We’ve made this change to ensure compliance with the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate. The ELD mandate requires that drivers be locked out of editing while the vehicle is in motion. BigRoad also encourages drivers to stay safe and keep their hands off of their mobile devices while behind the wheel!

How Will This Impact Me?
While the vehicle is in-motion, you will not be allowed to input any information. You will not be able to open a past day’s log, sign a past day’s log, or make edits to today’s log. You will also not be able to change which truck you are driving. You will still be able to see the traffic map and other elements of the main screen.

Once the vehicle has stopped moving for 3 seconds, the screen will automatically be unlocked and you can once again input information. To see a full breakdown of these changes, check out our In-Motion Hours-Of-Service (HOS) Editing Lock-Out document.

Can I Change the Lock Screen That I Will See?
Yes, you can! If you prefer to drive with the hours-of-service summary screen displayed (the one that shows your log graph grid and countdowns rather than the map), an option has been added to the Settings area to make this the default shown while the vehicle is in motion.

To change your lock screen:

  1. Click on the Settings tab
  2. Click on Driving Lockout Screen
  3. Choose Hours-of-Service

Need Help? Have Questions?
We hope that you find this update helpful! If you have any questions or require assistance, please connect with our Support Team by calling 1-888-305-8777 x1 or emailing [email protected]. If you are looking for a simple, flexible, and affordable compliance solution, book a free demo of our DashLink ELD today!