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Updates to BigRoad: Alaska & Oilfield Rules + Driver’s Signature

Good afternoon BigRoad app users!

Updates have now been made available to BigRoad app users through the release of v2.3.0! 

New in this release:
– Capture handwritten signature for driver logs & DVIRs.
– U.S. oilfield hours of service rules: 5th log line for waiting at well site; 24-hour cycle reset.
– Alaskan intrastate hours of service rules.
– Carry forward remarks from past day’s driver log.
– Pre-fill DVIR odometer from matching day’s driver log, if available.

Included below are screenshots showing the new updates:

BigRoad log Signature

BigRoad Oilfield Status

BigRoad Alaskan Rules

BigRoad Oilfield + Signature

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